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By Claudia Fisher
July 09, 2020
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Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Face masks are a must-have to help halt the spread of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy wearing them. Of course, it’d be much more pleasant if face masks didn’t cause glasses fog or face sweat or pull on our ears in uncomfortable ways. Luckily, one silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic playing out longer than a lot of us anticipated is that people have started discovering more comfortable ways to cover their faces and are sharing them with the rest of us germ-wary citizens.

One such multipurpose tool Amazon shoppers are raving about is the Alfamo Cooling Towel. As the name suggests, the rectangular-shaped item is first and foremost a lightweight towel meant to cool you down while you’re outside on hot days. Five-star reviewers, of which there are over 1,500, have discovered multiple other uses for the soft wrap, however, including as a lightweight and breathable face covering during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, from $8 

Considering you can shop the towels individually for just $8, the sheer number of purposes Amazon shoppers have discovered for them seems well worth it. People are donning these for every activity from golfing, biking, and hiking to motorcycling, cutting wood, and mowing the lawn. Some are even draping their towels over their dogs panting in the summer heat, recommending them for hot flashes, and suggesting they could be used to break fevers.

Many comment on the cloth’s multiple abilities to keep you cool for hours, prevent overheating — even in “over 90 degree heat in Florida” — and guard against sunburns on the neck, chest, and shoulders. One reviewer mentions how particularly useful the towel is in today’s world, saying, “This is without question the most comfortable coronavirus mask I’ve found. Plus, you can wet it down and it has a nice cooling effect and doesn’t fog up my glasses.”

Another agrees: “I actually made a couple of them into ‘neck gaiters’ to use as comfortable face coverings for sports this summer. Even [when] wet they are easy to breathe through. I find they usually help cool me for about three hours.”

To buy:, from $8 

The towel is made of breathable mesh that manages to retain just enough moisture to offset your body’s heat without getting you wet in the process. To use, first submerge your cooling towel in water, and then “snap it” to get some of the extra liquid out. The material will stay cool for several hours, providing you with relief without transferring any water onto your clothes.

Reviewers call the towel a “lifesaver” and “super handy,” and the functionality is only rivaled by the fabric’s softness when it comes to the biggest selling point. Comparing it to similar towels on the market made with PVA material, one five-star shopper said, “the Alfamo towel feels like silk rather than cardboard.”

The Centers for Disease Controls recommends everyone wear a cloth face mask in public spaces when possible, but also acknowledges and encourages the use of other types of facial coverings. According to the CDC, “adaptations and alternatives should be considered whenever possible to increase the feasibility of wearing a cloth face covering or to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading if it is not possible to wear one.”

If you’re having trouble breathing through traditional face masks or worried about overheating this summer, the Alfamo Cooling Towel could be the solution you need to comfortably continue practicing coronavirus prevention measures. You can shop the $8 cooling towels individually in 17 colors or in packs of three and five, and they come in four size options: small, medium, large, and extra large. Reviewers and the brand both recommend choosing medium or large if you plan to use the towels as face coverings, though you may want to consider an even larger size so you have the flexibility to wrap the pieces around your head or neck, too.

Who knows? Maybe cooling towels will become the next big fashion trend of fall 2020, and you’ll be ahead of the stylish and extremely practical look thanks to Alfamo’s multifunctional and affordable must-have.

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