The Place That Sells Airports' Unclaimed Baggage Has an Online Store

From designer clothes to electronics, you can buy online what someone else has lost while traveling.

Ever wonder what happens to all that unclaimed luggage? Well, it turns out you canbuy all kinds of lost items online.

Airlines lose luggage all the time, and usually, the lost items manage to return to their rightful owners. But some bags still manage to slip through the cracks, and when they do, Unclaimed Baggage, a retailer in Scottsboro, Alabama, is there to grab them.

For the last 50 years, you could only access Unclaimed Baggage's inventory by visiting its 50,000-square-foot brick-and-mortar store, filled with clothing, jewelry, shoes, musical instruments, sporting goods, and much, much more from across the U.S. All items in the store have already gone through a 90-day tracing period by the airline, so if the items are still unclaimed after three months, Unclaimed Baggage purchases them and resells them to the public.

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In June 2020, Unclaimed Baggage launched an online shopping experience so anyone can peruse its many treasures. The store literally has everything and the website is organized to help you find exactly what you need.

"Our customers have long requested an online version of our in-store shopping experience," said Unclaimed Baggage CEO Bryan Owens in a statement. "We're glad that as part of our 50th anniversary, shoppers are now able to experience the thrill of the hunt online."

The site organizes items into several categories based on what type of product you're looking for, as well as curated selections including "Weird and Wonderful Finds," "Luxe Finds," and "New Arrivals." The store is a one-stop-shop for unique goods. At the time of writing this article, you could find one-of-a-kind things like a 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series ball cap, anti-radiation boxer briefs, an $8,720 diamond tennis bracelet, or Bavarian Lederhosen leather shorts. There are also plenty of great, less whimsical finds like iPads, books, and souvenirs.

For more information or to shop for some rare items, visit the Unclaimed Baggage website, or check out their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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