Adrian Grenier on His Passion for Keeping Oceans Clean — and the Next Beach Destination on His List

The actor is on a mission to help the world's oceans, and he wants you to join him.

Mount Gay Rum bags and Adrian Greiner drinking a rum beverage
Photo: Courtesy of Mount Gay Rum

Actor and environmentalist Adrian Grenier has teamed up with Mount Gay Rum and Sea Bags to create two limited-edition bags, a tote and a beverage bucket, just in time for holiday shopping. The bags, made in the U.S. of 100% recycled sailcloth, are adorned with drawings of ocean currents, a nod to their shared commitment to ocean conservation.

Every tote bag sold will fund the removal of two pounds of trash from the world's oceans, and every beverage bucket will fund the removal of one pound, celebrating the importance of protecting the ocean with a portion of Sea Bags' sales supporting 4ocean, a company with ocean cleanup operations around the world.

Mount Gay Rum
Courtesy of Mount Gay Rum

"I've done a lot of work in plastic reduction over the years, working with the United Nations and Lonely Whale, my ocean organization, so any time I come across a company that's doing what they can in their business to support that, I always get behind it," Grenier told Travel + Leisure. "In this case, keeping material out of landfills with Sea Bag's products and taking plastic out of the ocean."

Grenier's involvement in conservation and the environment is not new. He founded Lonely Whale in 2015 to create awareness of caring for the world's oceans. "I was happy to hear that 4ocean will receive some of the proceeds of the tote bags to continue the great work they're doing," Grenier said. "We came across them a while back and have worked with them on several occasions as close allies."

Mount Gay in Barbados has distilled rum for more than 300 years, and its longstanding connection between the ocean, sailing, and rum continues in this partnership. A tour, tasting, lunch, or cocktail workshop at the distillery is a favorite tourist attraction in Barbados. While Grenier hasn't had a chance to visit yet, he appreciates their premium rums, like the Andean Oak Cask from their Master Blender Collection created by Mount Gay master blender Trudiann Branker.

As for his own upcoming travel plans, Grenier said Turks & Caicos is foremost on his mind because his documentary series, Earth Speed, will soon premier at the Turks & Caicos International Film Festival. The festival will feature "the best of filmmaking, particularly focusing on oceans and the environment." Grenier's series debuted on Instagram TV (IGTV) on Nov. 16.

Available at, the Ocean Currents Collection Sea Bags feature vibrant red accents and swirling natural ocean current designs. "Working with Mount Gay Rum and Sea Bags to create the Ocean Currents Collection furthers our shared goal and serves to inspire others to help protect the ocean, while offering a sustainable gift just in time for the holidays," Grenier said. "The bags are really cool. I have a couple that I've already used. They're practical and they look good. And it feels right to do something for the earth."

Feeling inspired to help save our oceans? You can also enter to win a trip to Barbados with Mount Gay Rum to take part in the 4ocean cleanup expedition.

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