I Won't Travel Without This Backpack That Shoppers Say Is 'Like the Mary Poppins Bag'

It rivals expensive brands, and I can’t believe it’s only $30 at Target.

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Photo: Courtesy of Target

No matter if I'm packing for a single night away or a week-long adventure, the final bag I always pack is my backpack. Part of the reason I save it until last is because I'm often still using many of the items I know I will need to tuck inside, but the other reason is because I like to save the very best until last — and packing this $30 backpack from Target truly is the best.

Like many incredible finds, I can't take credit for discovering it: That honor goes to one of my closest friends. We were spending the day in Philadelphia, and she had packed everything she would need (and then some) inside. And despite how much it held, her A New Day Square Backpack never bulged; instead, it looked so chic. When I finally asked her to divulge her backpack source, I was floored when she said she scooped it up at Target.

A New Day Square Backpack Black
Courtesy of Target

To buy: target.com, $30

In my opinion, one of the best times to purchase new travel items is when you don't have a trip scheduled, so I purchased my friend's latest Target find for myself without knowing my next destination. After all, my to-do list is always full before I travel, and having a backpack at the ready would be one less thing to check off.

First off, I have to highlight the exterior — the polyester wipes clean every time. And I love the unique square shape, which I think ups its storage capacity. Plus, one of my backpack must-haves is a water bottle pocket, and this bag has one on either side. And of course, the gold zippers and hardware details definitely don't hurt.

Inside, the A New Day Square Backpack has more room than I even realized when I first purchased it. The main compartment is deep, and I can easily tuck my computer in its sleeve as well as a handbag, a book, and a few extra pouches and still have room for more. For easy reach, the bag also has a separate pocket in the interior where you can store your phone, and there's another open spot right next to it for small items like pens and lip balm. Further, the front zipper also marks a second deep interior pocket, which is where I often tuck my watch and computer chargers.

A New Day Square Backpack Alpine Green
Courtesy of Target

To buy: target.com, $30

More than two years later, I don't have a single regret about buying this backpack — and neither do 86 percent of Target shoppers.

"I bought this bag for a trip to Disney World, and I'm so glad I did," wrote one shopper. "It was far roomier than I thought. It held water bottles, hoodies, snacks, sunglasses, a pair of lightweight sneakers for my daughter, souvenirs, etc. I honestly can't believe how much could fit in there. The bag also didn't feel weighted down even with all those items in it, and we were walking for hours around the parks."

"This bag is like the Mary Poppins bag— deceivingly big and wonderful," said another five-star reviewer. "I got it in alpine green to use for an international trip with two preschoolers. It's perfect for planes, [and it] held three kindles, wallet, wipes, wallet, [and] passports with room to spare. The handles are big enough to slide over the handle of a roller bag for easy airport schlepping. If you're on the fence — buy it!"I've yet to find a bag that offers the same level of style and function. In stock in five colors and patterns, including black, alpine green, and navy and white stripes, pick up the A New Day square backpack for travel before you pick out your next destination.

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