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By Scott Bay
Updated March 08, 2021
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Trying to find the travel must-haves that will make your trip more comfortable, easy, and seamless can often be quite the task. Travel + Leisure's A-list of top travel advisors are always traveling, and when they aren't they are helping others plan and pack for their perfect vacation. These professional jet-setters are the ultimate source for what to pack to make a trip the best it can possibly be. Below, find the items that our A-list advisors never travel without.

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L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"I love my hand cream. My hands get so dry on airplanes. The hand cream that I travel with is L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. It smells divine and works beautifully on dry skin. The scent isn’t too overpowering so works for men too." — Betsy Patton, Direct Travel Luxe

To buy:, $12

Three Graces Shall

Credit: Courtesy of Hermès

"My large wool and silk Hermes scarves keep me warm and I always feel a bit glamorous in them. The scarves can be worn as a shawl to keep your shoulders warm. The colors and design add glamour to a simple dress or outfit. They take the place of jackets that are bulky in a suitcase. A few scarves and you are ready to go anywhere in style." — Anne Scully, McCabe World Travel

To buy:, $1,100

Bagail Packing Cubes

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"I am a recent convert to packing cubes. They really do make packing so much easier — especially when you are traveling to a lot of destinations." — Tesia Smith, Audley Travel

To buy:, $20

Filson Large Duffle Bag

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"A small packable, portable, duffle bag that acts as an extra bag so that on your way home, you can throw your clothes in the duffle and put your valuable souvenirs that you've picked up from your travels in your checked in luggage." — Chad Clark, Chad Clark Travel

To buy:, $395

Oral-B Essential Floss

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"Nothing makes a day out touring more annoying than having a bit of tagine stuck in your teeth — and dental floss is not readily available in every country. Plus, it can be used in a pinch for a whole bunch of McGyver-type fixes." — Stan Godwyn, Travel Store

To buy:, $8

Tory Burch Costa Swimsuit

Credit: Courtesy of Tory Burch

"A Tory Burch suit. No matter where you go, even in cold weather, you may need one — and this one is so cute and comfortable" — Julie Danziger, Embark Beyond

To buy:, $119 (originally $258)

YETI Rambler

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"The amount of single-use items we use when traveling is staggering, so I always travel with my YETI water bottle, travel coffee mug, and cutlery set. While it's more to pack, it's vital that we all do our part to reduce single-use plastics." — April Cole, Journeys Within

To buy:, $30

Saunorch Universal International Travel Power Adapter

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"An international adapter is a must have. I can’t power up without it and it's not so easy to find when you get to wherever you're going." — Joyce Falcone, The Italian Concierge

To buy:, $19

iPhone 11

Credit: Courtesy of Apple

"My iPhone. Everything else can be lost or stolen, but with my phone, I can get a new passport, new tickets, new itinerary, and call up my travel insurance right away." — Sandy Cunningham, Outside Go

To buy:, from $599

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"In the age of technology, I always take a paperback book with me — and one that is preferably an epic to last a few weeks away. I usually like to take a large paperback to last me for the whole trip, as I do prefer something to hold rather than a kindle. On my last trip I took Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and loved it." — Jack Tydeman, Audley Travel

To buy:, $15

Bose Quiet Comfort 20

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"I love my pocket-sized noise-canceling earphones. These are great because they use an external microphone to register low-frequency, ambient noise and produce a sound that is 180 degrees out-of-phase to neutralize the noise. The result protects hearing as you won’t have to risk loss from the noisy environment and you won’t turn your music volume up as high as you might without them." — Leora Rothschild, Rothschild Safaris

To buy:, $250

Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"For long flights in economy, I swear by a foot hammock for the plane ride. Being able to elevate your feet does wonders for circulation and the ability to sleep comfortably in that limited space of a plane seat." — Beth Jenkins Washington, McCabe World

To buy:, $15

Havaianas Flip Flop

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

"I never go anywhere without the most comfortable flip flops in all the land." — Ellison Poe, Poe Travel

To buy:, from $9

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