By Alison Fox
July 26, 2019
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Comfortable shoes for travel
Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

The best way to explore a new spot is by foot: you get to see daily life all around you and may even stumble across a cute coffee shop or bakery that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

When you travel, you tend to walk miles and miles without even realizing it. That is, until your feet start to ache, a not-so-subtle reminder that you wore the wrong shoes. But with these Easy Spirit Romy sneakers that travelers are ordering again and again, that problem is a thing of the past (at least mostly).

Comfortable shoes for travel
Credit: Courtesy of Zappos

To buy:, from $42

When navigating the cobblestone in Rome, the hilly streets of Lisbon, or strolling the banks of the Seine in Paris, comfort is key. And these sneakers that come in 14 different color options and feature a removable, padded sock-liner for cushion and shock absorption will ensure you can sightsee all day long.

Everyone from celebrities to full-time travelers rely on sneakers to get through sprawling airports, explore new places by foot, and look stylish while still being comfortable. And these Easy Spirit sneakers start at only $42, making them as affordable as they are versatile.

“Wonderful walking shoe - Have traveled the world and these shoes beat all others for walking. Anywhere, flat surface or cobblestone streets. Even on old stone roads in Italy that the Romans built,” shopper Lyn wrote in her review. “Would not wear another shoe when traveling and walking on long sightseeing tours. Wonderful shoe........I think I own about [four] is great!”

Carla Z said she used these shoes on “a European vacation and they are so comfortable and light, I highly recommend these shoes. We walked all over Scandinavia and my feet felt great.”

Diana S said she bought these sneakers about a week before she left for a vacation.

“I wore them around several times before we left and every other day on the trip and never had any problem with them,” she wrote in her review. “They were comfortable from the first time I put them on.”

Bev S wrote that these sneakers were like “a great hug for your foot,” adding: “I wore it for a vacation that involved lots of walking and never had a problem. It was great!”

You can grab these Easy Spirit Romy sneakers on starting at $42.