They're comfy, quick-drying, and honestly pretty cool-looking.

By Dobrina Zhekova
April 26, 2019
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Water Shoes
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

I never leave for a beach vacation without packing my old pair of water shoes. I even toss them in my backpack when I go hiking in the mountains because you never know what kind of terrain you’ll have to walk on. And, through the years, I’ve made peace with the fact that, let’s face it, swim shoes are not the most eye-pleasing footwear out there.

It seemed to me that, at some point in time, fashion and product designers silently agreed to not even try to make water shoes look better. So, as a result, we were all stuck with the familiar silhouette: rubber sole, neoprene upper, essentially a scuba suit for your feet. One that can sometimes cost up to $100.

And I probably would still be thinking that if I hadn’t come across these best-selling knit sneakers on Amazon: Aleader Women's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes. And don’t worry, there are men’s and kid’s versions, too

This easy-to-wear slip-on shoe is made from hydrophobic-engineered mesh that’s lightweight, allows your feet to breathe, and dries quickly. The lateral contrast stitching support system will make sure your shoes stay where they belong — on your feet — even on the most slippery surfaces.

If you’re worried about comfort, don’t be. The ComforDry sockliner provides great support and cushioning for your feet. As one Amazon reviewer put it: “it is like wearing a good supportive sneaker, but for the water.” Which is exactly what these shoes are: amphibious footwear you can wear both zip lining and surfing.

Aleader’s water shoes have a rubber sole, but that’s a good thing — its new FluidFlow technology allows water to freely drain through the outsole, while the sole itself is flexible enough that it won’t limit your movement. There are also rubber pods at the front of the sole to provide additional traction.

And the best part? They could pass for a trendy pair of sneakers.

Aleader Water Shoes
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The women’s shoes come in 27 different color styles, are available in sizes 6 to 11, and a pair will only set you back about $30.

Aleader Water Shoes
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The men’s version has the same price tag and 20 shade variations. The available sizes for men span from 7 to 14.