Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, really is a true fashion inspiration. From her dresses that sell out in seconds, to her love of cheap-chic sneakers, women around the globe can both relate to and dress like the future Queen whenever they want. And, thanks to Middleton’s newly revealed fashion hack, we can all rock five-inch heels all day long like the Duchess, too.

According to Vanity Fair, Middleton’s all-day comfort secret is super simple, affordable and easy to obtain as it all comes down to leather sole inserts. But not just any inserts, according to the report, the Duchess prefers Alice Bow insoles.

As the site describes the insoles are “designed to cushion the ball of your foot and heels, whilst being thin enough to fit unnoticed into any shoes.” They come in a wide range of colors to fit nearly any shoe and stick firmly in place thanks to “double sided sticky spots.” Furthermore, Vanity Fair noted, the insoles are all handmade in Britain from fine Italian leather.

And at just $19 for the insoles are well worth the investment for all-day comfort.

And like all her secrets and fashion picks these tiny little insoles have already seen the “Duchess Effect” in action.

“There has been talk of the Duchess wearing the insoles,” a company spokesperson told Vanity Fair, “but we cannot comment either way. We have seen a massive surge in site visits however.”

Whether the Duchess wears them or not, we can confirm the claim that insoles make high-heels more comfortable. Of course for ultimate comfort when traveling, you'll want a great walking shoe.