Move Over, Dad Sneakers — These 'Grandpa Shoes' Will Be Your New Favorite Comfy Sneakers

It's time to lace up Velcro your shoes and explore!

Hush Puppies Power Walker Collection
Photo: Courtesy of Hush Puppies

Just when you thought you were sworn off the "dad shoes" trend for good, it's time to welcome a new shoe fad based on another family member's style. From the company that has mastered the art of comfortable shoes since 1958, behold: Hush Puppies' new Power Walker sneaker, a.k.a. the grandpa shoe. For the days when you just can't bear walking or commuting in open-toed shoes anymore, these vintage-inspired sneakers are going to be your new favorites.

While you might not look as cool as Obama rocking a pair of Allbirds, the Power Walker does have style about it — in a 2019 kind of way. With its bulky shape and Velcro straps, this shoe screams a quick power walk around the block, but in reality it is so much more. Don't let its nickname fool you. The two versions of this shoe — the Power Walker and the Power Walker II — are built to be shoes you can rely on for commuting or traveling. While the Power Walker collection has been around since 1999, they now come in limited-edition colors. The sneaker is also made with full-grain leather, and thanks to the brand's "Bounce" technology in the footbed, you'll really feel like you have spring in your step so that you can wear them all day long without discomfort.

Plus, if you hate your feet feeling sweaty while on the go, these shoes are also made with a Dri-Lex sock lining that provides ultimate breathability. Or if you prefer your own insole, you can remove the interior footbed to replace with your favorite support. Did I mention Hush Puppies designed both a women's and a men's version of both Power Walker shoes? So everyone can steal grandpa's style.

After I put them to the test during a full day of venturing around New York City, I was hooked. Although the shoe is bulkier than what I'm used to, the arches help support your feet, and they are comfortable enough to wear while walking many street blocks or up and down subway station stairs. And as someone with incredibly flat feet, the thick, one-inch sole provided enough arch support without my feet aching at the end of the day, which tends to happen if I wear shoes with a flatter sole.

Hush Puppies Grandpa Shoes
Courtesy of Hush Puppies

Apart from their comfort level, what compelled me the most to put these shoes to the test was honestly the chic colorways they come in — just check out this cool, 'Back to the Future'–esque, metallic silver pair. Both the Power Walker and Power Walker II come in seven different colors — my favorites are a Millennial pink–inspired "shrimp" shade, a pretty seafoam blue, and a traditional white. For commuting, traveling, power walking, and everything in between, the shoes in the Power Walker collection are my new favorite comfy sneakers.

While I didn't opt for the pair with Velcro straps and went for the traditional laces instead, looking back I think I would have loved the Velcro. Yes, they really do look like the shoes that only your grandma or grandpa could pull off, but I'm totally here for the straps' convenience and ease of slipping on and off. If you love a good slip-on shoe, I would say go for the Power Walker II (because tying your shoes is overrated, right?). And then when people ask why you've decided to swap laces for Velcro straps, just say grandpa's vintage look never goes out of style. Grab your trusty backpack, and get to power walkin' because we approve of this trend making a comeback.

Women’s Power Walker

Hush Puppies Power Walker Women's
Courtesy of Hush Puppies

To buy:, $100

Women’s Power Walker II

Hush Puppies Power Walker II Women's
Courtesy of Hush Puppies

To buy:, $100

Men’s Gil

Hush Puppies Men's Gil Sneakers
Courtesy of Hush Puppies

To buy:, $100

Men’s Gus

Hush Puppies Men's Gil Sneaker
Courtesy of Hush Puppies

To buy:, $100

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