By Richelle Szypulski
May 18, 2017
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Spring x Cole Haan Shoes
Credit: Courtesy of Spring

I travel in sneakers. With laces. And yes, before you raise concern, I do sometimes have to spend a full 48 seconds retying them after walking through the security scanner, but I’ve yet to miss a flight because of it.

A good travel shoe is one you don’t have to think about. That means no packing band-aids for soon-to-be-blistered heels. No missing out on cool experiences due to unsuited footwear. And no worries about looking frumpy in a photo if you happen to come across a particularly Instagram-able floor. If it weren't for the perils of TSA-required removal, a stylish tennis shoe would be the obvious choice.

In my opinion, few brands do consistently smart-styled practicality as well as Cole Haan, which makes two of our editors' favorite pairs to travel in — the Tali Bow Flats and the Jagger Weave Oxfords — and just released a solid contender for number three. The brand is teaming up with Spring as an exclusive launch partner for the latest version of its best-selling GrandPrø Tennis Sneaker, the GrandPrø Stitchlite.

Spring x Cole Haan Shoes
Credit: Courtesy of Spring

Priced at $110 for men and women, the low-top lace-up has been upgraded with a knit upper, eliminating all of the unnecessary weight of a traditional court shoe without sacrificing the style and support. And this shoe is light — like pick-it-up-and-gasp-a-little-bit light. The women's size six weighs in at just under five ounces; that's half an ounce more than an iPhone 6.

Cole Haan made its debut into the knit-shoe space in February 2017, launching its Stitchlite line with a wingtip oxford (so, a business traveler’s dream). The innovative woven upper gives its wearer a “customized, foot-hugging fit” while the knit design “improves breathability and moisture control,” according to a statement from Scott Patt, vice president of design and innovation at the Cole Haan Global Innovation Center in New Hampshire.

The injection-molded EVA outsole is also remarkably lightweight, with added traction pods at the toe and heel for better grip. And attention to style comes in with the leather detailing on the tongue and heel cap.

The GrandPrø Stitchlite sneaker is available in four colors for men and women exclusively on Spring — which offers free shipping on everything — through May 22.