The 12 Best Duck Boots for Any Weather

From Sperry to L.L.Bean, these are the best duck boots to keep your comfortable and protected.

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Best Duck Boots for Men and Women

LL Bean / Sperry

Whether you live in a traditionally rainy or snowy climate or you just want to be prepared, duck boots are a great accessory to have on hand. Made with a rubber, waterproof bottom, this design is fantastic for rain, snow, mud, and unfavorable weather in general. The upper portions of duck boots can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, or suede. The boots usually hit anywhere from right above the ankle to mid-shin, depending on the brand and style. 

We’ve rounded up the best duck boots for men and women for a variety of occasions based on a wide range of attributes, from durability to traction.

Best Overall, Women

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot


Why We Love It
  • The rubber shell combined with durable leather make for a classic duck boot that lives up to its reputation. 

What to Consider
  • The rawhide laces are not easy to tie, and are actually meant to be knotted.

You can’t go wrong with the classic Saltwater duck boot from Sperry, as it’s made with a water-resistant rubber bottom and a leather upper to keep your feet warm, dry, and protected from the elements. It’s easy to quickly slide into these boots thanks to rawhide, barrel-tied laces that can be knotted to your liking, along with a zipper entry on the side. Rust-proof eyelets are another great perk, especially if you’ll be often wearing these boots through rain and snow. All standard sizes are available with lots of color options, too. 

Price at time of publish: $110

The Details: 5-12 | Rubber, leather | 1 pound per pair

Best Overall, Men

L.L.Bean Men's Bean Boots, 8"

L.L. Bean Men's Bean Boots, 8"

L.L. Bean

Why We Love It
  • Storied design meets comfort and a waterproof build in this pair. 

What to Consider
  • The heel wears down more than expected.

Designed by Leon Leonwood Bean himself in 1912, the classic duck boot from L.L.Bean is a win, as the company claims you’ll only ever need to buy one pair. Still made in Maine to this day, the original duck boot is designed the same way it was more than 100 years ago: with waterproof, rubber bottoms and durable yet comfy full-grain leather. Expert craftspeople create a foot form that provides stability and comfort, and a steel shank adds support for the long run. Even the leather upper is waterproof so add thick socks to have dry, warm feet in a wide range of weather conditions. 

Price at time of publish: $149

The Details: 7-14 | Rubber, leather | 1 pound, 5 ounces per pair

Best Traction, Women

Sorel Out 'n About™ III Classic Duck Boot



Why We Love It
  • Whether you’re out in the elements all day long, or simply wearing them for an extra bit of style, these boots deliver. 

What to Consider
  • These are made for rain and are not guaranteed to help in snowy situations.

A bestseller from Sorel, these duck boots are waterproof and have a thick sole with extra traction to keep you from slipping in the rain. The uppers are full-grain, waterproof leather and suede with a waterproof canvas. The rubber shell is also waterproof, as are any suede and felt additions. Take them through a puddle, or even through a rainstorm, and you’ll be good to go. The outsole is molded to help with traction on wet surfaces, and multiple color options are available. 

Price at time of publish: $130

The Details: 5-12 | Rubber, leather, suede, canvas

Best Traction, Men

Huckberry Duck Boot

Huckberry Duck Boot


Why We Love It
  • The size range from 4-15 is incredible. 

What to Consider
  • The boots run wide.

Fully waterproof, these hybrid boots were made to transition from walking through town to hiking a trail. They’re made with a comfortable insole, shock-absorbing midsole, and full-grain leather uppers. The rubber bottoms have a tread design made to provide great traction in any element. Seriously, you can wear them anywhere, whether for a fashion statement or for some serious weather. They also come with the classic speed-hook lacing system, which helps you strap them on with ease and take them off fast. Two color options are available.

Price at time of publish: $188

The Details: 4-15 | Rubber, leather, cotton, brass

Best Budget, Women

Skechers Women's Duck Rain Boot

Skechers Women's Duck Rain Boot


Why We Love It
  • The waterproof bottoms paired with a cute plaid design is a win.

What to Consider
  • They don’t have the best arch support.

For a great beginner pair of duck boots or for those looking to stick within a budget, these Skechers duck boots are a great buy. They have a waterproof rubber bottom and an insole made from cushy memory foam. They come in the classic duck boot design, with a slightly raised toe. The upper is made from water-resistant wool and synthetic materials, and the boots lace up with ease. Two plaid patterns are available — red and black or white and black. 

Price at time of publish: $53

The Details: 5-10 | Rubber, wool | 1 pound per pair

Best Budget, Men

Nautica Mens Duck Boots-Waterproof

Nautica Mens Duck Boots


Why We Love It
  • You can purchase this duck boot for rain or level-up for snowy weather with an insulated pair.

What to Consider
  • They're relatively heavy.

If you’re looking for duck boots without breaking the bank, this pair from Nautica is a solid option whether you'll be dealing with rain or snow. These duck boots will help keep your feet warm and dry during cold and wet days, as they’re waterproof, insulated, and feature an extra grip bottom to prevent slipping. The high laces and wide size range also ensures you find a pair that perfectly fits no matter how thick your socks are. With over a dozen colors and styles to choose from at this price, you may want a couple of pairs to wear throughout the year.

Price at time of publish: $35

The Details: 7-16 wide | Rubber, vegan leather | 3 pounds per pair

Best for Winter, Women

L.L. Bean Women's Fleece-Lined PrimaLoft Front-Zip Bean Boots

L.L. Bean Women's Fleece-Lined PrimaLoft Front-Zip Bean Boots (7")

L.L. Bean

Why We Love It
  • Added fleece and insulation keep your feet warm during the coldest of days. 

What to Consider
  • Half sizes are not available in this boot.

Made with 200 grams of Primaloft insulation and a soft fleece lining, these duck boots are a warm and cozy treat for your feet on a cold day. They have a front-zip design, making it easy to get them on and off. Waterproof leather and suede uppers and L.L.Bean’s rubber-chain tread bottoms both keep your feet dry and provide traction on slippery surfaces. L.L.Bean has made their boots in Maine for more than 100 years – a perk for those looking for U.S.-made products. Three neutral color combinations are available. 

Price at time of publish:

The Details: 6-11 | Leather, suede, fleece, rubber

Best for Winter, Men

Ugg Emmett Duck Boot

UGG Emmett Duck Boot


Why We Love It
  • These boots will keep your feet warm and toasty even in the coldest of temperatures. 

What to Consider
  • They aren’t made for super heavy precipitation.

Weather-rated to negative 32 degrees Celsius, these duck boots from UGG combine the performance of a sports shoe with the style and functionality of a hiking boot. The waterproof leather uppers are seam-sealed to keep water and snow off your feet, and the rubber outsole has lugs on the forefoot and heel that grip ice while improving traction on slippery surfaces. A support shank gives you extra stability across terrain changes, and the cushioned sole contains a specially designed tread to help prevent snow from getting caught underneath. Note: These duck boots are meant for light to moderate rain and light snow only. 

Price at time of publish: $140

The Details: 7-14 | Rubber, leather

Best Splurge, Women

Eddie Bauer Women's Hunt 8" Pac Boot

Eddie Bauer Hunt 8" Pac Boot

Eddie Bauer

Why We Love It
  • We’re all about the yellow laces that make this pair of duck boots pop, but we also love the added insulation for colder months. 

What to Consider
  • Shoppers with wider feet should skip these.

A classic duck boot with a bit of an edgy style, these duck boots were first made by Eddie Bauer in the 1950s and are now updated with modern technologies. The uppers are made of waterproof, full-grain leather, and the vulcanized rubber shell bottoms keep your feet dry through rain, mud, and snow. ThermaFill insulation adds extra warmth for colder months, and the seam-sealed design means no moisture will seep in through the bottom either. The gusseted tongue also helps keep the elements at bay, and the sole design helps with traction. 

Price at time of publish: $110

The Details: 6-11 | Rubber, leather, polyester 

Best Splurge, Men

L.L.Bean Men's 8" Gore-tex/Thinsulate Bean Boots

L.L.Bean Men's 8" GORE-TEX/Thinsulate Bean Boots


Why We Love It
  • They have everything you love about the original L.L.Bean duck boot, with added Gore-tex and Thinsulate technology. 

What to Consider
  • They tend to run very narrow. 

These are essentially L.L.Bean’s original duck boots, but with added Gore-tex lining and Thinsulate insulation. The Gore-tex lining is waterproof, breathable, and keeps your feet dry in wet weather, while the Thinsulate insulation adds cozy warmth for extremely cold days. Full-grain leather uppers provide comfort and durability, while a uniquely designed footform adds stability. This pair also has a steel shank in each boot to add support, and all pairs are sewn in Maine by skilled craftspeople. 

Price at time of publish: $229

The Details: 7-14 | Rubber, leather, polyester | 1 pound, 5 ounce per pair

Best Slip On, Women

Lands' End Women's Insulated Flannel Lined Chelsea Boot

Lands' End Women's Insulated Flannel Lined Chelsea Boot

Lands' End

Why We Love It
  • The slip-resistant, grippy outsole and easy pull tabs are two additions we adore.

What to Consider
  • These aren’t ideal for larger legs.

Very similar to the men’s version of these boots, the Chelsea boot for women is equipped with front and back pull tabs and elastic gores to allow for an easy-on, fitted design that won’t slip off. This pair also has a comfy flannel lining, plus Thermolite insulation, for cold, wet days. Rubber outsoles provide excellent traction as well and help you keep your footing while traversing wet surfaces. 

Price at time of publish: $120

The Details: 6-11 | Leather, rubber

Best Slip On, Men

Lands' End Men's Insulated Flannel Lined Chelsea Duck Boots

Lands' End Men's Insulated Flannel Lined Chelsea Duck Boots

Lands' End

Why We Love It
  • The front and back pull tabs make it easy to slide these boots on and off. 

What to Consider
  • They likely won’t last forever.

Meant for fall, winter, and spring, Land’s End’s Chelsea duck boot is built with a leather upper and a classic, waterproof rubber shell bottom that makes for a great duck boot. What’s different about these boots, though, is that there are no laces to worry about. Simply hold the front and back pull tabs to easily slip these boots onto your feet and quickly move on with your day. The outsoles have grippy bottoms and edges to help with traction, and there’s a flannel lining combined with Thermolite insulation that provides added comfort and warmth inside. 

Price at time of publish: $120

The Details: 8-13 | Leather, rubber  

Tips for Buying Duck Boots

Choose comfort over style

Yes, there are duck boots out there that surely make a fashion statement (and some cheaper yet chic options as well), but definitely choose based on comfort rather than style. You’ll want a pair that is waterproof, or at least water-resistant, and that will keep your feet warm and dry through the rain and other bad weather. 

Consider your activities

Are you going to be wearing your duck boots for hiking? Or will you be wearing them multiple days in a row on an alpine excursion? However you’re going to use them, consider your activities and surroundings. For example, if you’re going to be trekking through snow, buy a pair that will not only keep your feet dry, but toasty warm, too. 

Think about the weather

Maybe you live in a snowy climate and need a great pair of duck boots to help you through long winters. Or maybe you live in a place where it rains all the time, so you’re in the market for a reliable pair that will keep your feet dry. Consider the weather your duck boots are going to be in, and plan accordingly. In these cases, you’ll want a pair that’s fully waterproof for rain and snow, and you might even want some added features like insulation or Gore-tex technology.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are duck boots?

    Duck boots feature a rubber sole and an upper made from either leather, wool, canvas, or other durable materials. Typically, duck boots are meant to keep your feet warm and dry, and they’re a practical shoe most shoppers find useful in their collections.  

  • Are duck boots good in the snow?

    Duck boots can often be worn in the snow, but you’ll want to find a pair that’s insulated for added warmth. You’ll also want to look for a pair with great traction on the soles to help you from slipping on slick spots. 

  • How do I style duck boots?

    There’s no right or wrong way to style duck boots. They’re great paired with jeans or leggings on the bottom and a winter coat, light jacket, or a raincoat up top. Add a thick pair of socks and an oversized sweater or T-shirt and you’re good to go. 

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