By Andrea Romano
September 13, 2017
Courtesy of 43einhalb

Keep your feet dry and avoid any party fouls.

If you’re planning on heading to Oktoberfest, be sure to pack the right footwear. Not only will you need to feel comfortable for the most boisterous party of autumn, but you’ll also need shoes that will keep your feet liquid-free.

Because accidents are bound to happen when the beer starts flowing.

Now, Adidas has designed the perfect shoe for beer festival goers out there. The Munchen Oktoberfest shoes, sleekly designed Adidas sneakers covered with a water-repellent chemical, will keep your feet happy and dry while you wet your whistle.

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Courtesy of 43einhalb

The chemical coating combined with the shoes’ leather is the best combination for keeping beer out of your socks.

The German word prost, meaning “cheers,” is stitched on the side of the shoes next to the Adidas stripes. They come in sporty brown and gold, which blends perfectly with any Bavarian beer hall decor — or your lederhosen.

The limited-edition shoes are available to purchase online for €199.95 (about $240). The price might seem a little steep, but it’s always good to be well-dressed at Oktoberfest. Plus it’ll save you some cash on your shoe cleaning bill later on.