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You Can Get One of Amazon's Most Popular Stand-Up Paddleboards on Sale This Prime Day

Now’s your chance to save on the summer essential.
By Jayla Andrulonis
June 22, 2021
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If you're in the market for a warm-weather activity that allows you to get a workout in at the same time, look no further than paddleboarding. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to get out on the water and take in the scenic surroundings, but you can strengthen your core and get your sweat on in the process. 

When it comes to purchasing a paddleboard of your own, there are two options: traditional paddleboards, which require a bit more space for transport, and inflatable ones, which — you guessed it — inflate for easier transportation, making them ideal for travel. Luckily, Prime Day came through in a big way this year by discounting one of Amazon's most popular inflatable stand-up paddleboards up to 12 percent off

paddle board
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $300 (originally $340)

As one of retailer's most popular ticket items for summer, it's rare to catch paddleboards marked down at all. So the fact that the SereneLife Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard which has more than 4000 perfect reviews — is on sale in three different colors right now makes this a deal worth taking advantage of. 

According to Amazon shoppers who've already used it for their own adventures, the best-selling SUP is as durable as it is sleek. (It's even earned the title of "best for rough waters" in a previous roundup of options we put together.) 

"[It's] durable, fashionable, made for all conditions, and extremely efficient," one customer said, adding that it's adjustable if you're tall. "I've taken it out in all types of conditions and it has held up. The board has hit the rocks and driftwood hard several times and no damage or dents was done to the board. It is easy to fill up and carry with the handle. You can also use the handle to hold onto as you stand up on the board... On the water, the board handles great with strong winds. The fins on the bottom really help with turning and [are] a must even for beginners."

All of the paddleboards on sale include the brand's kit of an ankle cuff for added safety, a manual air pump, patch repair accessory kit, and a storage bag for easier transportation to and from the water. And since the SereneLife SUP is designed with a 10-foot length and nearly 3-foot width, it allows for added stability whether you're a seasoned paddle boarder or it's your first time. Plus, it has the space to fit a crowd. 

"This board was the first board we brought home when we began our love affair with paddleboarding," another shopper said. "Since then, we have been using this for the last couple of years every weekend during the summer and spring months to tour lakes and rivers around our home. Typically it holds my wife, my 4 year old son, a dry bag, and a cooler with plenty of capacity to spare. Recently she started riding with our Great Dane sitting up front." 

Make the most of your summer by grabbing this Amazon shopper-approved inflatable paddleboard while it's still on Prime Day sale. 

paddle board
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $308 (originally $330)

paddle board
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $381 (originally $400)

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