There are 16 different colors to choose from.

By Rebecca Carhart
December 26, 2019
Courtesy of Amazon

If your feet ever swell up or feel achy after long-haul flights, it might be time to pack a pair of compression socks in your carry-on bag. These handy accessories increase blood flow and thus help prevent swelling and blood clots by applying pressure to your feet and lower legs.

While there is an overwhelming number of sock options to choose from, more than 11,000 Amazon shoppers have found their perfect pair in the SB Sox Compression Socks. Made from a soft and breathable fabric, the socks feature a no-slip cuff and ample arch support. Plus, like all socks, they will help keep your feet warm on cold airplanes.

Besides boasting a professional-grade 20 to 30 mmHg compression level, the socks also have built-in toe support and a cushioned heel for added comfort and mobility. They also feature moisture-wicking capabilities, so your feet will stay sweat-free throughout even the longest of flights.

With details like this, it’s no wonder so many customers say they always have these packed. “Wore these on 14-hour flight to Australia, and they were amazing, no foot/ankle swelling,” wrote one shopper. “I even use them for shorter 3-4 hour flights. Won’t ever fly without them.”

“Great compression socks,” said another. “Just completed a trip from the US to Thailand with 20.5 hours of flight time and the longest leg was just under 15 hours. I wore the socks for the entire trip, and the compression saved me from a lot of swelling and pain. I cannot say enough about how well the socks did the job... These socks are a must-have for any long-haul traveler — comfortable compression throughout any trip.”

There are 16 different colors to choose from. And unlike other compression socks that typically only come small or large sizes, this pair comes in four different sizes, so you can easily find a comfortable fit. Shop the top-rated travel accessory below for as little as $11 before your next flight.

Courtesy of Amazon

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