This 'Genius' $13 Phone Stand Makes Watching Movies So Much Easier During Flights

 Shoppers say it’s a must-have for preventing in-flight neck strain. 

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Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Picture this: You've just boarded your flight and found your seat. Your carry-on is securely stowed away in the overhead bin and you've tucked your personal item under the seat in front of you. You fasten your seat belt and sink into your chair. As you're waiting for the plane to finish boarding, you decide to glance over the in-flight movies and shows on your seatback television and pick out one to watch. There's only one problem: Your T.V. won't turn on. Uh-oh. Luckily, you've downloaded some entertainment on your phone to help you pass the time.

On previous flights, you'd have to hold your phone in your hand and uncomfortably tilt your head downwards to watch the titles in your downloads library, or create a makeshift stand out of your water bottle. But this time around, you have the Perilogics Airplane Phone Mount, a ″genius″ Amazon gadget that allows you to view your smartphone hands-free and at eye level. How does it work? The device simply fastens to the tray table with its 1.5-inchwide clamp. The travel phone stand also has a 360-degree rotating design for comfortable viewing at any angle,which comes in handy when your seat partner wants to tune into your movie, too.

Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $13

According to reviewers, the Perilogics model acts as a phone stand for iPhone and Samsung smartphones of various sizes, with multiple shoppers confirming it can support iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung S21 phones, as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Its lightweight, 4-ounce construction easily fits in your carry-on or personal bag without taking space away from your other travel essentials.

More than 2,800 Amazon customers have given the Perilogics Airplane Phone Mount a five-star rating, and several have vowed to "never travel without it again." In fact, one said that it's "worth its weight in gold when flying" and called it a "must-have." When describing its construction, a reviewer praised its "heavy-duty" build, noting that it's "actually a good thing because it ensures that it won't shake off in turbulence." The same shopper added that "the silicone pads also help to prevent slippage."

Another wrote, "I appreciate how it can spin, and it snaps into place, rather than having to tighten something to make it stay in place." The reviewer later said, "Several people on our flights were envious!"

The versatile product can also attach to luggage handles, which one shopper said was useful during a layover. For some, it was the phone mount's tripod-style base that sold them, which also allows it to double as a stable platform and selfie stick-style gadget for travel photos.

But you don't have to be a frequent flyer or traveler to utilize the stand. One customer said they "use it every single day" because it "can contort to your needs." They added, "I mount this on my stand-up desk at work, on my nightstand to watch movies while in bed, on my treadmill so I could watch something while walking," and so much more. Others noted that it also attaches to high chairs and stroller handles so you can keep your little one entertained while on the go.

Upgrade your in-flight entertainment game with the Perilogics Airplane Phone Mount. You can purchase one at Amazon today for just $13.

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