By Kim Duong
July 04, 2018
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Courtesy of Janessa Leone

RIP to all the hats that have sadly become misshapen by us hastily shoving them into our travel bags. Call it blind optimism, but we really thought they would bounce back after getting crumpled up like that. 

As we head into peak summer, lightweight, wide-brim hats are a vacation must-have (just ask Meghan Markle). But if you’ve ever tried traveling with a hat sans hat box, then you know there is no other pain quite like that of pulling out your once perfectly shaped hat only to find that it is now — cue dramatic music — unwearable.

Courtesy of Janessa Leone

To buy:, $207

The good news is this situation could be avoided — and not by purchasing a hat box, mind you, because packable hats now exist! Fashion brand Janessa Leone offers a range of straw hats that are designed to be folded up, packed away, and then expanded back into their original shape with zero creases, making traveling with hats for once easy (and not heartbreaking).