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OstrichPillow Go Travel Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Sleeping on planes has always been an issue for me. The noise and lights tend to keep me up, and if I am able to fall asleep, I always find myself waking up with a stiff neck. I’ve tried multiple travel pillows, but none of them seemed to prevent my head from slumping into an uncomfortable position — until I discovered the OstrichPillow Go Travel Pillow.

This handy pillow is ergonomically-designed to support your neck so you can comfortably snooze — even when you’re stuck in coach. The first time I used this pillow, I was on a 7-hour overnight flight to Europe and was desperate to get some sleep so I could start sightseeing as soon as I landed. And thanks to the OstrichPillow, it was probably the first time I slept through an international flight with no issues.

Unlike most other travel pillows, which tend to be the same size all the way around, the OstrichPillow’s customizable construction includes two different heights — a higher side around the back of the pillow to support your neck and head, and a lower side in the front. While both areas of the pillow were incredibly supportive and comfortable, I especially liked the higher part because it held my neck upright in a comfortable resting position.

The pillow itself is made from an ultra-plush memory foam material and features a removable cover that is super soft and machine-washable. The velcro band in the front allowed me to adjust the fit of the pillow just how I wanted it, and the front of the pillow was high enough on my neck for my chin to comfortably rest on it when my head fell forward.

While all of these details alone make this a fantastic travel accessory, my favorite part of the pillow is how easy it is to pack. When in use, the pillow is the size of an oversized neck brace, but the comfy accessory can be rolled up into a super compact size — up to 60 percent smaller — and then stored inside its included travel pouch. This allowed me to easily pop the pillow into my tote while I was traveling to and from the airport.

Don’t just take it from me — the OstrichPillow Go is one of the brand’s best-selling products, and it has a near-perfect rating on Amazon. “This is THE softest pillow I've ever had. I love it so much. It's extremely fits perfectly around your neck. It can be stored easily as well. Perfect for travel, at your desk, or watching tv. Great neck support. Comes in different colors. Definitely worth the money,” said one reviewer.

“I absolutely love this product. It is extremely comfortable and made of high quality material. Definitely worth the extra money. I really like the velcro connection on the front that allows me to make the pillow nice and tight. It takes all the pressure off my neck and allows me to sleep on the airplane easily,” another wrote. “As someone who has never been able to sleep on planes, logging nearly 12 hours on back to back trips has completely changed my life. I would highly recommend.”

The cute pillow comes in three different colors and is normally priced at $60 each — but it's 20% off right now on Amazon. The Ostrich is slightly more expensive than other travel pillows on the market, so now is the time to score it with a discount, although I'd gladly pay full-price considering it’s the only pillow that helps me sleep comfortably on flights.

OstrichPillow Go Travel Pillow

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $52 (originally $60)

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