It continues to be a top-seller, even when it’s not on sale.

By Christina Butan
July 17, 2019
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Amazon Coat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon’s biggest sale of the year is officially over — with 175 million items purchased over the last two days of Prime Day, tons of travel gear was added to the carts of shoppers around the world. While the retail giant saw lots of expected purchases on smart home devices and kitchen appliances, customers also bought travel pillows, noise-cancelling headphones, luggage sets, and packing cubes, presumably for upcoming vacations. However, instead of adding typical vacation clothing like swimsuits to their carts along with those items, shoppers were consistently purchasing this top-rated winter coat.

You probably already recognize the Orolay Thickened Down Jacket — it’s the super popular coat that went viral last December. While Amazon saw a rise in sales when it was all over the internet, people are adding it to their carts all over again now. Customers are even buying the coat more than swimsuits, according to Amazon’s best-selling outdoor clothing category. The Orolay coat is dominating that chart at the moment, surpassing popular one-pieces and UPF shirts, which are more commonly purchased during the summer season.

Orolay Thickened Down Jacket
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $140

While the coat isn’t on sale anymore, it’s still a more affordable alternative to other popular brands like Canada Goose, Patagonia, and Columbia, even without a discount. Plus, the coat has over 4,300 five-star reviews raving about how stylish and warm it is. One customer even tracked down her UPS mailman so she could take it on vacation with her.

“I ordered the coat just days before I was going to travel to NYC during this extremely cold winter. Long story short, after Amazon upgraded my delivery speed, it still was going to arrive after I had to go to the airport. I was determined to travel with that coat or else! I decided that I needed to hunt the delivery guy and take it directly from his truck. It took me at least 4 hours, but I did it. Was all the trouble worth it? AB-SO-LU-TE-LY. This coat is no joke,” she wrote this past February. “The coldest temperature I tested it out was 9 degrees and I did not feel like I was freezing at all! I even tried to put a t-shirt below it, no sweaters/layers to see if I felt cold... nothing,” she continued. “It's also so stylish, roomy, has a thousand pockets (goodbye purse) and looks different from all the rest out there. Not one regret. Don't debate it, just get it before someone else will.”

Even though you might not be thinking about gearing up for winter right now, it’s always better to make an important purchase, like a warm jacket, before the colder season sneaks up on you. Not to mention, this one bound to go out of stock eventually, especially around the holidays — so make sure to grab one before it sells out!