Even People That Never Fall Asleep on Planes Are Obsessed With This Memory Foam Neck Pillow

One reviewer said it kept them comfortable during a 20-hour travel day.

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neck travel pillow
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Unless you're someone that can fall asleep practically everywhere, catching Zs on a plane isn't always easy to do. Even if you've managed to reach a comfortable position within the tiny parameters of your seat in your crowded row, it's not long before your neck starts to cramp and the aches wake you up.

For many travelers, neck pillows eliminate this tension, but not all are created equal since some aren't properly equipped to support your head — or they're just downright uncomfortable. Enter: the NapFun Neck Pillow, a fan-favorite travel accessory made with a soft-to-the-touch fabric and premium memory foam that contours to your head to provide the perfect level of cushioning, all while ensuring your neck is properly aligned.

In fact, its 360-degree and adjustable design guarantees to cover seven support points in the head and neck. The concave shape is intended to better fit your chin to keep your head from falling forward. Your head is also cradled and propped up by the waves in the pillow. According to reviewers, it can support both upright sleepers and side sleepers, which is excellent news no matter if you have a middle or window seat. Hot sleepers will also be delighted to know that the magnetic therapy cloth lining the inner level of the pillow is highly breathable.

neck travel pillow
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com, $14 (originally $22)

Even with more than 1,500 five-star ratings, how good can the NapFun Neck Pillow really be? One Amazon shopper wrote, "To say that was the best sleep I ever had on a flight is an understatement… I never usually fall asleep." Another pleased customer called it "perfect for international flights," sharing that they traveled from the East Coast to Tokyo with this on their shoulders for "20-plus hours of travel."

As for how the memory foam and wavy design work, one reviewer said, "It actually gives some support where many of the competitors are so soft they really can make your neck hurt." Others noted this pillow makes aches while snoozing in transit a non-issue, with one buyer reporting they experience "no pain" from the osteoarthritis in their neck since the pillow props their head up in the right position.

It's even won over travelers that have gone through their fair share of neck pillows, with a frequent flyer claiming it to be the "best neck pillow" they've ever had." While it's great for flights, the travel neck pillow can also make commuting, road trips, and train rides more comfortable. One customer even admitted to wearing it at their desk to alleviate neck pain.

Enjoy a restful sleep on your next flight or trip with the NapFun Neck Pillow. Grab one on Amazon today while it's still on sale for 36 percent off.

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