Start the New Year on a healthy note in this famous party town.
The Standard Spa, Miami Beach
Credit: The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Miami is a party town—especially around New Year’s Eve—and bouncing back from those rueful hangovers and binge meals can be tricky. But if you want to start off 2016 on a healthier beat, here are our picks for detoxing in this sunny location.

1. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

The city is awash in luxury spas, but you can slide gently into January at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. The “Triple Detox,” a special package, incorporates a 60-minute “Detox Cleanse” massage and mineral soak ($335). Afterwards, stand by the calming expanse of Biscayne Bay and relish how zen you feel.

If you want to go deeper, the spa’s “New Year, New You Detox” offers one-, three-, or five-day juice and wellness programs that bring in spa and exercise elements to help you feel lighter, balanced, and renewed (from $125).

2. Sweat it Out

On South Beach and in Midtown Miami, head to Barry’s Bootcamp to link up with celebrity trainer Derek DeGrazio. He has worked with the likes of Adriana Lima, and more likely than not can help you reach your fitness goals for 2016. If you can’t make it out of the house, log on to Daily Burn for its Daily Burn 365 streaming workout, and shake off that lingering post-partying malaise.

3. Sip an Eye-Opener at Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co.

Sweet Liberty owner and bartender John Lermayer recommends an “Irish Flip” as the ultimate hair-of-the-dog cocktail. One ounce of Jameson whiskey is combined with two ounces of Guinness Stout, one whole raw egg, and chocolate bitters for added punch. It’ll wake you up, and give you a punch of protein and anti-oxidants. Sweet Liberty also offers a beyond-healthy kale salad, a natural detoxifier.

4. Fresh Air in the Everglades

For a day of natural beauty, there’s nothing like Everglades National Park. Walk the Anhinga Trail at Flamingo Park and spot alligators, or climb up Shark Valley’s observation tower and take in the sheer expanse of Florida’s “River of Grass.” Breathe deep, and let the Everglades air heal.

5. Eat Well

South Beach’s NaiYaRa, helmed by chef Piyarat Arreeratn, features wonderfully restorative soups, including lemongrass made with shrimp and mushrooms. His sriracha chicken wings are spicy enough to revive your appetite, as is the massaman curry, which comes with a dollop of red chili. Raise a toast and let the bite of red chili kick-start a new year.

Tom Austin is based in Miami and covers the Florida beat for Travel + Leisure. Follow him on Twitter at @TomAustin__.