Loro Piana Just Released Luxurious, Cashmere-swathed Candles in Time for the Holidays

This is the chicest way we’ve ever seen a brand re-use fabric scraps.

Multi-colored Loro Piana Scented Woven Candles
Photo: Courtesy of Loro Piana

You may know Loro Piana for its ultra-luxurious cashmere, but now the Italian house is bringing its exquisite taste and craftsmanship to a new collection of luxury candles. In keeping with its textile heritage, Loro Piana actually melded remnants of its high-quality fabrics into the candle wax. The fabric might be leftover from production or from dyeing tests, further minimizing waste from its clothing range. It is mixed with natural paraffin in complementary colors. The result is unlike any candle on the market today. They are full of rich colors and textures, which the brand describes as a "sculpture in progress." Unsurprisingly, each candle takes three days to produce — a testament to the house's commitment to craftsmanship.

Loro Piana Scented Woven Candles
Courtesy of Loro Piana

There are three candles in the inaugural release, each inspired by Loro Piana's history. Zibeline, Jacquard, and Bouclé are names of iconic fabrics, and the fragrance of each candle nods to the places where Loro Piana sources its materials. Zibeline transports you to Mongolia through notes of cedarwood and spice. Mongolia is an important source of cashmere and the rare — and expensive — baby cashmere. It has trimmings from Loro Piana scarves within.

Jacquard is a woven fabric with a beautiful texture, so Loro Piana used an alternating pattern when designing this candle. It has bands of colored wax and fabric trimmings. The fragrance is sweet, with notes of the flower. It's inspired by Myanmar, another place known for its wonderful textiles.

Finally, Bouclé is rather dramatic. The candle is wrapped in soft cotton yarn and it smells of nature, best epitomized in New Zealand, which is known for its expansive landscapes. It's here that Loro Piana finds exceptional wool.

Multi-colored Loro Piana Scented Woven Candles
Courtesy of Loro Piana

To buy: us.loropiana.com, $390

Each candle is set on a handsome oak base. The candle burns for up to 110 hours, and after all of the wax has melted away, you'll be left with a stunning skeleton of the fabric and yarn pieces. It makes an interesting objet d'art or can be used to hold another candle.

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