“If it's not too ridiculous to say, I've fallen in love with these socks.”
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Thick Knit Vintage Winter Warm Cozy Crew Socks Gifts
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Having the perfect pair of socks is truly underrated. Nothing can ruin your day faster than a sock sliding down into your boot, silently souring your mood with its bunching and twisting. Or what about the embarrassment of having your pant leg hike up during a meeting on laundry day, revealing the socks generously gifted by your mother last holiday season with your cat’s face all over them? And don’t even get us started on the discomfort of a too-thin sock in the middle of winter.

Fortunately, over 1,500 customers on Amazon have done the legwork — or, better yet, footwork — to find you the perfect pair. With an average 4.4-rating out of five stars, the Loritta five-pack of wool knit socks are here to save your toes. And for only $14, you can afford to be cozy and comfortable all winter long.

Thick Knit Vintage Winter Warm Cozy Crew Socks Gifts
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com; $14

One reviewer even called these the “perfect sock,” writing, “These socks turned out to be my perfect sock! Just the right amount of warmth, stretch and ankle-height — plus they're pretty! Had no idea when I bought them, but, if it's not too ridiculous to say, I've fallen in love with these socks. I REALLY like that they stay in shape and hold your foot without crushing the life out of it. Fit was perfect too[...] Enough to say I'm ordering more, I NEVER want to run out of these socks. I also never thought I'd be so enthusiastic about a sock.”

You might think of wool as an itchy material, but these socks are are made of a blend of 35 percent wool, 29 percent cotton, and 36 percent polyester, so the fabric is soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. They’re even odor-fighting — which is helpful for when that one family member decides to go shoeless on a long holiday road trip.

The socks have a fair amount of stretch to them, but reviewers report they hold their shape well over time. (No more baggy heel pockets and droopy ankles!) The wool blend also keeps feet warm without being too bulky, which means you don’t have to buy another set of shoes in your “winter size.”

In addition to being ulta-comfortable, these socks come in beautiful colors and patterns. Brighten up those dreary winter mornings with rich maroon, vibrant pink and orange, earthy sage, and hunter green, festive reindeer, intricate patterns, or classic stripes. The cool vintage style ensures you won’t be embarrassed by your sock game when you end up at a dinner party where you’re asked to take off your shoes at the door.

Reviewers say that the socks hold up well in the wash with no fraying, making them the gift that keeps on giving year after year — perfect for stocking stuffers or to complement larger presents this holiday season. Don’t forget to treat yourself, though. It might just be me, but a new, soft pair of socks feels like the ultimate (and easiest) step toward winter self care.