They’re high-compression, too.

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Nordstrom LNDR Cosmos Leggings Tout
Credit: Nordstrom

Frequent fliers will tell you that a good pair of compression leggings are key to minimizing foot and leg swelling on a long flight. Similar to how compression socks work, compression leggings apply pressure to your legs, hips, and core to help increase circulation and thus lower the risk of blood clots, which are far higher when you’re sitting for long periods of time in high-altitude environments like an airplane. (If you need any more convincing, Karlie Kloss told us that she swears by compression leggings when she flies. Enough said.)

Since you’ll be wearing these leggings for an extended period of time, it’s important that they’re not only something you want to be seen in — read: cute — but also extremely comfortable. Leggings are comfortable by design, of course, but not all of them are created equal. Compression leggings are designed to be tight, a.k.a. compress, but this can result in seams digging into your skin or material chafing your legs. Not so comfortable.

Thankfully, one brand has a fix for this unfortunately common issue: Simply go seamless. LNDR’s Cosmos leggings don’t have seams at all, and they’re super stretchy and comfortable while still holding you in the way compression leggings should. In other words, they are perfect for plane travel.

The brand’s Cosmos leggings are a best-seller thanks to the high-recovery elastane used throughout their design, which means the leggings won’t lose their stretchiness over time like a lot of others tend to. As for the seams: Yes, there really are none. Instead, the leggings are made with double cape technical yarns that give them weight, so they’ll stay as compressive and strong as possible. The end result is a sculpted look and a super comfy feel — sans seams that will dig into your skin during a long flight.

Color-wise, the leggings are a pretty subtle dark green with a pop of fluorescent pink right at the ankle, making them both stylish and classic. These would go with a whole host of wardrobe options.

Nordstrom LNDR Cosmos Leggings
Credit: Nordstrom

To buy:, $138

LNDR is a British brand, but it’s been gaining recognition here in the U.S.: Gigi Hadid has been spotted wearing LNDR on two separate occasions, and model Charli Howard Instagramed a selfie in an LNDR sports bra.

And hey, if Gigi loves it, that’s more than a good enough seal of approval for us. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be busy adding those Cosmos leggings to our shopping carts.

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