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While the landscape of the pandemic is constantly changing, one thing remains certain: Masks play an important role in slowing the spread of COVID-19. And in light of recent updates to mask mandates and travel restrictions, having high-performing personal protective equipment (PPE) on deck can help reduce the stresses associated with the COVID-19 virus — as well as your chances of contracting and spreading it.

Following the surge of the Omicron variant, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared N95 and KN95 respirators as the best defense against COVID-19, in comparison to cloth coverings and surgical masks. This is because well-fitting, multi-layered N95 and KN95 masks can both filter 95 percent of airborne particles. The difference between the two? N95 masks are approved and regulated by the CDC's National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), while KN95s are regulated by China.

Due to the influx of demand for N95s, the CDC, NIOSH, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the wearing of KN95 masks, which operate with a similar method of filtration and have a snug and secure fit around the nose, mouth, and chin. KN95 masks are more widely available, meet an international standard, and are proven to offer a higher level of protection than cloth and surgical masks.

However, only a handful of Chinese manufacturers have been approved by the FDA, meaning you need to be wary of counterfeits. You can check out the FDA's website to find more verified KN96 mask brands and sellers, as well as the CDC's guide to finding verified N95 respirators.

Not sure where to buy KN95 masks? Right now, Amazon is offering discounts across its KN95 mask offerings as part of its early Presidents Day Sale, which includes markdowns of nearly 60 percent off on FDA-approved brands in a variety of colors and quantities. Plus, they've also earned thousands of glowing reviews from Amazon shoppers. Keep scrolling to explore the discounted KN95 masks before these impressive deals end.

Boncare KN95 Face Mask

Face Mask


These five-layered masks are able to filter out 95 percent of particles and have a three-dimensional, pointed shape to offer more breathing room. For glasses wearers, this means reduced foggy lenses, according to reviewers. An adjustable nose bridge and wide ear loops allow for a more secure and comfortable fit. Some shoppers note that they might be better suited for wearers with large faces.

ChiSip KN95 Face Mask

ChiSip KN95 Face Masks


This mask's five-layered construction features two layers of non-woven cloth, two layers of melt-blown fabric, and one layer of hot air cotton to filter 95 percent of droplets, dust, and other airborne particles. Wearers say that the skin-friendly materials promote breathability for optimal comfort. Other key details include stretchable ear loops and an adjustable nose clip.

Hotodeal KN95 Face Mask

Hotodeal KN95 Face Mask


As one of Amazon's best-selling disposable respirator safety masks, the Hotodeal KN95 Mask has garnered more than 11,500 five-star ratings from shoppers. And, a set of 40 is on sale for 51 percent off. The mask's five-layer filtration system, adjustable nose bridge, and soft-stretching ear loops give it its fan-favorite anti-fall, breathable, and no-fog design.

Huheta KN95 Face Masks

Huheta KN95 Face Masks


Huheta KN95 masks up your defense against COVID-19 and its variants with their five-layer design that is made up of two non-woven outer layers, two melt-blown inner filters, and one non-woven, moisture-absorbing layer. According to reviewers, the masks fit snugly and comfortably on small faces. The brand also offers the masks in a multicolored 20-pack set, which isn't on sale but is still affordably priced at $23 for a set of 20.

FGCCJP KN95 Face Mask

FGCCJP KN95 Face Masks


Thanks to a special on-site coupon, this 30-piece KN95 set is 61 percent off. The five-layer masks are designed to offer a 360-degrees fit on the face for enhanced breathability and protection. Thoughtful details like the padded, adjustable nose bridge increase your overall comfort while wearing the mask.

Taimu KN95 Face Mask

Taimu KN95 Face Masks


This KN95 mask creates a protective barrier between you and COVID-19 particles with its five-layer filtration system and snug-fitting design, which features pressure-reducing elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose bridge. Its three-dimensional shape fosters breathability, while still ensuring 95 percent of airborne particles are blocked. The 20-piece set also comes in black, which is currently on sale for 48 percent off.

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