Yes, a fresh haircut is a must.
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Justin Virgil Gramelspacher, an editorial groomer and master barber, knows a thing or two about style. When he’s not cutting hair around New York City or at Brooklyn’s Blind Barber, Virgil Gramelspacher spends his time styling photo shoots for the likes of Coach, Cartier, and Ralph Lauren. Additionally, he often travels the world to places like Tokyo, Stockholm, and Thailand in order to meet new barbers, swap cut ideas, and show off his skills. We sat down with him to discuss this year’s summer men’s fashion trends as well as what it takes to look good on the road.

Get your grooming done before your trip

“A lot of people go on vacation to have fun and make memories, so it pays to look good, as you’ll be taking more pictures. Get your hair cut about a week before you go on a big trip. I always recommend that guys take their fade a little shorter if they’re going somewhere tropical. You’re going to get more sun, so cutting your hair a little shorter around the neck and ears will help prevent getting that little white tan line from showing up after your next cut.”

Keep your skin hydrated

"Travel masks are starting to get really popular. They’re just these small sheets of paper soaked with all sorts of things that are good for your skin. If you’re on a long flight that’s seven hours or more, use one to help refresh you during the flight and when you land, your skin will look great."

Invest in two pieces of stylish luggage

“I’ve been telling this to guys for years, but be sure to buy the roller and the duffel bag in a set. It gives you flexibility. Take the duffel for the weekends or take both on a big trip. Either way they’ll look nice because they match.”

Fades are really popular right now

“They’re not for everyone, but I’m seeing a ton of fades lately. A lot of people think that barbers only do clipper cuts, but I do all different kinds. Even so, I’m seeing a lot of guys coming in with longer hair, like Leonardo DiCaprio hair, and they’re going for a fade and showing some skin. Also, many guys are moving away from the quaffed, slick look for the more sporty, messed up look.”

Say goodbye to wild beards

“Many guys are trimming their beards right now, where as the trend for a while was to grow them really big. There’s definitely been a move away from the lumberjack look and toward shorter, more groomed facial hair.”

Take a chance on a barber while on vacation

“If you’re going somewhere world class like Paris, London, or New York, try out a barber there. You’ll get to experience some of the best in the beauty world, and if you’re from somewhere more rural, a fancy haircut is one of the best souvenirs you can take home with you.”

What’s inside his travel bag

Blind Barber Mens Summer Items
Credit: All Courtesy of Respective Brands

1. Ralph Lauren Waverly Chambray Work Shirt

“When I pack for travel, I like to keep it modular, ensuring each article plays well with the others and allowing for a large number of options. Each time this shirt makes the cut. It goes well with everything, can be dressed up, dressed down, and is a clutch layer.”

To buy:, $225

2. Katama Swim Emerson Trunks

“Always pack a swimsuit. Board shorts are out, so a smart mid-length trunk should be in your bag.”

To buy:, $195

3. Jungmaven Jah Light Hooded Sweatshirt

“Not your traditional fleece hoodie, this is a longer cut, lighter weight version made of a washed hemp and cotton blend. It’s a perfect layer for early mornings and cool evenings.”

To buy: $64

4. Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

“These are a throwback, I know, but they're amazing for travel because they are so lightweight and comfortable for sport and adventure. The classic wayfarer design is also stylish for when you need to look more buttoned up. You can customize them too — I have three different pairs.”

To buy:, $120

5. Soloviere Leather Venetian Slippers

“Loafers and slippers are on trend, travel lighter than their laced up brethren, and add a moneyed, leisure look to a suit. Pair them with white denim pants, a chambray shirt, or even for poolside vibes.”

To buy:; $375

6. RéVive Intensité Les Yeux

“This firming eye cream combats puffiness and dark circles while providing moisture to travel weary eyes.”

To buy:, $225

7. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

“A 100% active face oil that restores the skin’s balance, texture, and natural radiance. It’s an amazing beard oil too. Use it every day as your first line of defense against the elements.”

To buy:, $185

8. Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask

“This mask is the first aid after a long journey. It only takes five minutes, and instantly lessens the signs of fatigue, leaving the skin looking rested and refreshed.”

To buy:, $70

9. MAKR Organizer Pouch

“This pouch is great for separating your grooming items from your tech accessories and personal mini-bar.”

To buy:, $150