Ikea and Pinterest Teamed Up on a New Tool That Will Help Turn Your Home Into a Vacation-worthy Destination

"Renocations" are the new getaway.

Ikea and Pinterest are joining forces to help you take a "Renocation."

In May, the two brands announced the launch of Renocations, an online tool that helps Ikea customers find inspiration for their next home renovation via a custom Pinterest board. The board, the two brands explain, is based on a customer's unique interests and tastes.

"At a time when many of us are looking to turn our home projects into a reality, Ikea wants to help consumers refresh their space with products and solutions inspired by places outside of the home, like the beach or a favorite bistro," Paul Anderson, Ikea U.S. home furnishing and retail design leader, shared in a statement.

Interior of an Ikea in Madrid city center
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To create the board, users take a quick quiz to determine their interests, including their favorite getaway destinations with the question, "If you could be anywhere where would you be?" (beach, nature, or city), your favorite activities to do there (go swimming, read a book, paddle a kayak, etc), and the last question, "Is there a room in your house where you also feel that free and relaxed?" (living room, bedroom, backyard). It then compiles your answers and shares a custom-made board, filled with shoppable links to Ikea furniture to turn your dream place into a reality.

"The immersive quiz experience on Pinterest provides a personalized and inspirational shopping experience that helps make your dream getaway a reality, even at home," Anderson said.

And truly, this campaign couldn't come at a better time. As Pinterest noted in a statement, searches for renovations were up 28% year over year in the first quarter of 2021 and up 65% from the same period in 2019. The trendiest themes? "Eclectic home," "grand millennial décor," "indie room," and "sage green aesthetic." Start your own Renocation journey by taking the quiz here.

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