I Finally Found Earrings That Never Get Knotted With My Mask and Headphones, and They're Perfect for Traveling

Chic and minimalist huggie hoops have become my signature earrings. 

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huggie earring
Photo: Courtesy of Studs

Before the pandemic, I changed my earrings like I changed my clothes. I didn't have one signature jewelry look, but I loved anything big and gaudy — the closer it resembled one of Liberace's capes, the better. My favorite pair of earrings were 3-inch hammered silver earrings with colorful Swarovski crystals that were '80s Madonna meets Catholic Sicilian art. But our mask-wearing era has made these earrings essentially obsolete. The few times I've tried to wear these earrings with a mask, I've seen my life flash before my eyes as I wonder if I will accidentally choke myself.

I had no choice but to adjust my earrings wardrobe. I tried many different styles including classic studs, but where form exceeds in meeting function are huggie hoops. Huggie hoops are, as the name implies, hoops so small that they hug your lobe. Because of their size, these hoops always look delicate and elegant but my favorite ones are also incredibly fun and a little kitschy.

Studs Daisy Huggies

huggie earring
Courtesy of Studs

To buy: studs.com, $48

I have been through many pairs, but I have recently decided that the (subjective) best comes from Studs. The brand has 78 styles of huggie hoops and my favorite at the Daisy Huggies, although the Mini Beaded Huggie and Serpent Bite Huggie are also great.

There are a few reasons I have crowned huggie hoops, and especially the ones from Studs, the earring of the COVID-era. On a regular basis, I am out in the world wearing my glasses and a mask and then sometimes wired earphones. There are so many things that can, and have, gotten stuck or tied themselves up in knots. Even with a simple stud earring, my mask would find ways to slip in the cracks. Yet, I have never once experienced this with the full circle closure of a huggie hoop. I have also enjoyed a newfound ease and comfort with huggie hoops — I can wear them for days, weeks even, without having to take them out, which has also made them the only piece of jewelry I feel truly comfortable flying in.

As I said, Studs' Daisies are my current obsession, but I've included some other options below. You and your earlobes can thank me later.

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