Sakara Life Wellness
Credit: Sakara Life

For Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, co-founders of the über-trendy organic meal delivery service Sakara Life, eating right—both at home and on the road—is an integral part of an overall healthy lifestyle. So when these Sedona-born entrepreneurs were struggling to maintain a balanced nutrition among the stresses of work, social obligations, and relationships, they created a food system that’s morphed into a rapidly expanding business (Sakara just launched it’s L.A. delivery program).

“Let’s face it, most people feel like crap these days, be it fatigue, bloating, headaches, moodiness, sickness, etc., but they just accept these things as part of their lives,” says Whitney.

“We want people to realize that they can change all that by modifying what they eat,” says Danielle. “Our goal is to help people feel healthy, happy, and sexy.”

To achieve that mission, Sakara’s programs focus on going back to nature and creating recipes that integrate “whole foods,” meaning nutrient-dense, locally sourced ingredients—for some truly fantastic dishes. (This particular non-beet-eating editor sampled their Red Beet Burger on a trial day, and can’t believe how good it tasted.)

And since travelers are always on the go, we asked Whitney and Danielle for their top tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road:

1. Come prepared

If you know your food and alcohol intake will be inconsistent while traveling, pack things that will help you stay balanced. A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to boosting your body’s natural ability to handle the stresses of travel. Our favorite supplements are Floracor (a prebiotic-probiotic blend that helps maintain digestion) and CALM Calcium + Magnesium (relaxes your muscles and prevents any stiffness on the plane).

We also just created the ultimate Superfood Pantry Pack, which is composed of little glass jars filled with nine different nutritious superfoods, like goji berries, hemp hearts, black chia seeds, and more. We take them with us everywhere we go, and will use a dash to transform a plain breakfast or simple salad into a body-loving delight.

2. Stay active

The beauty of vacation is that movement is automatically embedded into your day. Whether it’s walking the streets of Europe, swimming in the Caribbean Sea, or dancing at a beach bar until the wee hours of the night, your body is moving regularly throughout the day. If you find yourself lying on the beach with minimal activity, go for a walk or do some beach yoga—take advantage of the fact that you aren’t strapped to a desk and get out into the world!

3. Splurge when and where it's worth it

Sakara is all about balance, so we would never recommend staying away from hearty dishes like pasta and eating only salad, but we do advise that you choose wisely. If your body is craving pasta, order it—but only when it’s from that famous Italian restaurant that uses high-quality ingredients. Don’t feel like you need to eat it everywhere you go just because you’re on vacation. And if you’re eating any old meal, use the opportunity to take in some fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Eat greens everyday

Are there greens on the menu? Order them. Sometimes they’ll be your full meal, other times they’ll be a side dish, but either way, don’t think twice about it. Greens help balance your body, hydrate your cells, and keep you running at optimal performance.

5. Stop telling yourself you're going to fall off the wagon

First of all: there is no wagon. Your lifestyle on vacation may be worlds away from ordinary life, but that doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off any sort of healthy routine. If anything, we view travel as taking flight! No matter where you go, there are always opportunities to help your body thrive while abroad, especially when it comes to incorporating fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, water, and sleep into your routine. How you treat yourself on vacation is entirely in your hands and you have everything you need to feel great throughout.