At 17 hotels and spas in North America, these scientifically based sleep programs—from a $15 nap soundtrack to a $335 two-day retreat—are the best kind of snooze fests.

Credit: The Scarlet Hotel

It’s a dreaded nighttime scenario: You’re on a great trip, in a huge, comfortable bed, but staring at a hotel room ceiling, praying for rest so you can function at the next day’s meeting or adventure. To induce sleep, seasoned travelers develop go-to rituals: pill popping, power naps, an extra glass of wine. But these crutches can leave you feeling hung over, dull and, worst of all, awake at the wrong hours.

Perhaps that’s why hotel spas across North America are now addressing jet lag, sleep deprivation and even chronic insomnia with services designed to relieve stress and promote calm in both the mind and body. These dreamy treatments integrate high- and low-tech remedies from lavender oil and magnesium infusions to full-body reflexology and audio therapy in hopes that guests may drift into a priceless state of restful slumber.

1. The Deep Sleep Ritual

Where: The Scarlet Huntington’s Nob Hill Spa (San Francisco, CA)

The Rest: This evening massage (offered only at 7:30pm and 8pm) can be booked in-room. Once set up, the therapist applies Aromatherapy Associates oils with sedating vetiver, calming chamomile, and anxiety-dispelling sandalwood using a Swedish technique designed to relax the nervous system and the mind.

Sleep Secret: Sandalwood aromatherapy

2. Slumber Massage

Where: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek’s Allegria Spa (Beaver Creek, CO)

The Rest: This 80- or 105-minute rubdown attacks insomnia with aromatherapy, hot stones, sound and, of course, touch. Relaxing lavender is found on spritzed sheets, in warm compresses, and in massage oil (also infused with rose). Hot stones are strategically placed on chakras and the parasympathetic system is activated during Swedish massage. But, most uniquely, Allegria partnered with the Center for Neuroacoustic Research to create sound frequency patterns that lull guests into a Delta brainwave state for deep rest. Guests are encouraged to surrender to sleep during the last 20-minutes scalp and foot massage.

Sleep Secret: Sound waves

3. Sweet Dreams

Where: Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain’s Sanctuary Spa (Scottsdale, AZ)

The Rest: This 30-minute treatment is performed in-room before bedtime. After a Dead Sea salt scrub, a warm bath is drawn that incorporates calming bergamot, lavender, and eucalyptus. To help with unwinding pre-sleep and during the soak, Forte Organic Chamomile Citrus tea is served, so that all the senses are addressed.

Sleep Secret: Aromatherapy baths

4. The Power Nap

Where: Miami Beach Edition Spa (Miami, FL)

The Rest: This massage add-on is intended to simulate 4 hours of sleep in 20 minutes. Set up with an herbal eye pillow and cozy blanket, guests wear small ear clips attached to a Biotic Wave micro-current machine that encourages the brain into “deep sleep mode.” Afterward, spa-goers settle in the relaxation area on daybeds surrounded by Moroccan rugs and adornments.

Sleep Secret: Micro-currents

5. 30-Minute Rest Period

Where: St. Regis Aspen Resort’s Remède Spa (Aspen, CO)

The Rest: Guests no longer need to dread the end of their treatments. Following services like massages with paraffin foot wraps and aromatherapy scalp massages, this spa recommends tacking on an extra 30 minutes for nap time on the heated massage table. Still groggy afterward? Head to the Oxygen Lounge for a fireside rest 8,000 feet above sea level with champagne, tea and cookies.

Sleep Secret: Extra rest

6. The Magnesium Massage

Where: The Langham Chicago’s Chuan Spa (Chicago, IL)

The Rest: Magnesium is key to sound sleep, and deficiencies are quite common. This 50-minute treatment begins with a breathing ritual with lavender, peppermint and cajeput oils. On a warmed massage table, guests are dry brushed and exfoliated to promote lymphatic drainage (for detoxification and rest) before a mineral-infused soak, then an emollient lotion massage (including a foot rub with rose stones).

Sleep Secret: Magnesium

7. Sleepy Time

Where: Omni Mount Washington Resort’s Spa (Bretton Woods, NH)

The Rest: This treatment begins with chamomile tea and a chromatherapy soak infused with magnesium-rich sweet birch flakes to soothe muscles via transdermal infusion. (The magnesium keeps neurotransmitters running smoothly, so they know when to shut off for sleep.) Next comes a 50-minute rubdown focused on hamstring tension and scalp massage with warm lavender blossom oil, created specifically to relieve tension. Guests leave with a sleep mask to help relive the feeling at night.

Sleep Secret: Birch flakes and hamstring loosening

8. The Bath Bar

Where: Madeline Hotel’s Spa (Telluride, CO):

The Rest: A Bath Barista customizes in-room soaks based on the spa’s extensive options. Bath salts, cleansers, and facial and body oils are infused with ingredients from lemon to juniper to cardamom, depending on the guest’s needs. The salts in particular are made locally in small batches by ISUN and do everything from stimulate lymphatic circulation to fat burning and, of course, relax the body and mind pre-sleep.

Sleep Secret: Small batch juniper bath salts

9. Sweet Surrender Massage

Where: Dorado Beach, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Spa Botanico (Puerto Rico)

The Rest: This 60-minute rubdown is designed to balance chakras and enhance sleep cycles by restoring the nervous system. With a soundtrack of healing music by ila, the massage incorporates Ayurvedic herbs like spikenard and vetiver for mind purification and tranquility, and patchouli and jasmine to uplift. Himalayan salt in warm poultices dispels stress and, finally, guests sip hibiscus, ginger and lemon tea for detoxification and relaxation.

Sleep Secrets: Chakra balancing

10. Deep Sleep

Where: Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Willow Stream Spa (Vancouver, Canada):

The Rest: To combat jet lag and also lack of exercise, this 60- or 90-minute service incorporates sedating oils like vetiver and chamomile for a sense of grounding. The total body rubdown uses specific pressure to release muscles and promote optimum relaxation. The spa also offers Deep Relax Body Oil by Aromatherapy Associates for at-home sleep.

Sleep Secret: Total body massage

From $175;

11. A Quiet Mind

Where: L’Auberge de Sedona’s L’Apothecary Spa (Sedona, AZ)

The Rest: A calm mind is at the root of sound sleep. This 90-minute service, inspired by a Lotus Wei flower essence, includes botanicals like geranium, bird of paradise and passion flower to help release muscle tension. Guests learn basic guided breathing techniques, enacted during facial acupressure treatment. Once the mind is subdued, a deep massage relaxes the body too for a good night’s rest.

Sleep Secret: Facial acupressure and breathing exercises

12. Restorative Sleep Ritual

Where: Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia’s Joya Spa (Scottsdale, AZ)

The Rest: Created to balance energy meridians and encourage rest, this 80-minute experience includes full body reflexology (to create a homeostasis and battle any disharmonies), Swedish massage, foot exfoliation with organic cranberry and orange turbinado sugar scrub, and a soothing foot wrap with organic cream of ginger root balm.

Sleep Secret: Reflexology

From $239;

13. The Modelage Body Treatment

Where: The Plaza Hotel’s Caudalíe Vinotherapie Spa (New York, NY)

The Rest: The 50- or 80-minute service is meant to relax muscles and joints and promote circulation and lymphatic drainage for better sleep. Antioxidant-rich grape seed oil, used throughout the massage, fights free radical toxins that build up and cause premature aging (a side effect of lack of sleep). The contouring concentrate has aromatherapy benefits thanks to essential oils like lemon, lemongrass, juniper, geranium, and cypress or the scent of the Divine Oil with vanilla, rose, cedar, pink pepper, and grapefruit.

Sleep Secret: Antioxidants

From $205;

14. Spacoustic Audio

Where: The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)

The Rest: This hotel may be located in the middle of a city, but its new bedside audio technology aims to offer a respite from the hustle and bustle. Using Quantum Harmonics technology, the system relieves anxiety, depression, and insomnia by synchronizing the left and right brain hemispheres through sound. All guests have to do is turn it on.

Sleep Secret: Quantum Harmonics

Gratis with certain spa treatments or $15 by request;

15. Personal Journeys

Where: The Greenbrier’s Mineral Spa (West Virginia)

The Rest: Onsite spiritual healer Cari Cohen addresses the primary causes of sleep disruption: stress, fear and anxiety. During these sessions, guests lie on an Amethyst BioMat made of amethyst (of course) and tourmaline to encourage deep relaxation through negative ions and infrared heat. Meditation practices, to promote self-healing, are individually tailored. Cohen (who has had her own sleep obstacles) then uses energy healing to release old patterns and bring in new healthier awareness. She even offers the treatment via phone for long-distance clients.

Sleep Secret: Meditation and amethyst

From $195;

16. Drift To Sleep Facial

Where: Hotel Viking’s Spa Fjor (Newport, RI)

The Rest: This 80-minute treatment begins with a warming body oil, foot rub and detoxifying back mask. Next comes a facial, customized to each client’s skin with cleansing and exfoliation. Once the mask is applied, the guest receives a neck, shoulder and décolletage rub, and finally, a moisturizing rub.

Sleep Secret: Back mask

17. The Sleep Restoration Program

Where: The BodyHoliday’s Wellness Centre (St. Lucia)

The Rest: For those seriously in need of shut-eye, this tropical retreat’s 2-day program aims to correct poor sleeping habits. The experience includes ancient Shirodhara therapy (with warm Auyervedic herbal oil application to the third eye, scalp, neck and shoulders) to stimulate the nervous system. Shiatsu and reflexology come next, stimulating circulation and addressing specific systems within the body. An aromatherapy massage incorporates essential oils like ylang ylang to promote equilibrium and calm. Guests can also work with nutritionists to address dietary concerns that might impact sleep.

Sleep Secret: A holistic approach