This jacket will basically carry every device you own.

By Jessica Plautz
September 21, 2016
The new SCOTTeVEST jacket can hold two laptops, plus every other device you own.
Credit: Courtesy of SCOTTeVEST

If you hate having to carry a bag, this jacket is for you.

SCOTTeVEST, a company that specializes in “mobile” clothing, announced its highest capacity clothing yet on Wednesday, with the Off the Grid jacket: It boasts 29 pockets total, including two that will fit laptops.

That's laptops plural—you can carry two of them, along with every other device you could possibly need on any trip ever.

“We have a pocket for everything,” Luke Lappala, SCOTTeVEST's director of communications, told Travel + Leisure. “But that doesn't mean you have to carry everything all at once.”

If you're thinking to yourself, ‘Wow, carrying two laptops in my pockets sounds uncomfortable,’ SCOTTeVEST has thought of that. One of the biggest things they've worked on as they have evolved their clothing offerings, according to Lappala, is how the weight is distributed.

“All of our garments have a weight management system,” he said. “It's how the pockets are laid out, how it's stitched. [It] makes it feel more like a backpack rather than a jacket that's hanging down on you.”

This isn't the only company making clothing customized to an always connected lifestyle: Baubax is another company focused on smart clothing that helps keep your devices charged while making it more comfortable to carry them.

If you are looking for clothing to do more than just cover you, there are more and more options every day.

SCOTTeVEST's Off the Grid jacket, which comes in mens and womens versions, has two “Rapid Access Panels” or laptop pockets (but the women's extra small and small versions aren't big enough for the laptops), one “PadPocket” to hold a tablet, two interior “Clear Touch” pockets that will let you use your touchscreen device (like an iPhone) without removing it from the pocket, and an RFID blocking pocket where you could securely store credit cards and passports.

Carry every device you own in this jacket.
Credit: Courtesy of SCOTTeVEST

“As simple as it sounds, it takes a lot of effort to engineer the perfect pocket,” CEO and co-founder Scott Jordan said in a statement. “We tripled carrying capacity without affecting the look.”

The jacket also has a “personal area network,” meaning there are conduits throughout to wire yourself up: Put headphone wires through the jacket and out next to your ears and avoid getting them tangled, or put wires to a battery pack through the jacket and connect your devices to charge on the go. And it's water and stain resistant, though not waterproof.

The Off the Grid jacket is available starting at $215.

“No one really needs to carry everything, but they can if they need to,” said Lappala.