The actress makes baggy jeans look chic, not slouchy.

By Courtney Kenefick
July 01, 2015
GC Images

Boyfriend jeans are a great travel pant—comfy, loose, and easy—but, is there a way to make them look stylish and not slouchy? Absolutely, just take a cue from model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The bombshell strutted through LAX in an anything-but-boring neutral look.

She paired her distressed white Paige denim with an alpaca top from Isabel Marant Étoile (imagine cozying up to that soft sweater while in flight...swoon!). Her Balenciaga tote added a pale touch of color as her Maison Michel hat shielded the celeb from papparazzi flashes. This fashion formula is simple, but the result is equal parts pretty and practical.

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