Patagonia’s Nanogrip bikini fears no wave.
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Patagonia Swimsuit
Credit: Courtesy of Patagonia

In a bikini, spending a few extra post-dive seconds underwater to put everything back in place is almost as instinctive as resurfacing. Patagonia’s line of performance two-pieces — Nanogrip — aims to change that. Originally released in 2016, the Nanogrip bikini tops and bottoms are lined with polyurethane nano fibers that actually suction to the skin when wet. Surfers, cliff divers, and all other one piece-averse adventurers, meet your new favorite summer staple.

At a glance, the Nanogrip doesn’t look like a high-tech swimsuit, especially this tropical floral-printed set. But everything — from the material to the cut to the lacing systems — is designed to reduce drag and flushing in turbulent water. (Read: no more waterslide wedgies!) The outward-facing fabric is a soft and durable nylon-spandex, while the lining is made of a microfiber blend that feels grippy outside of the water and really activates when wet.

There are currently two top styles available, with a third sports bra-inspired design in the works for Spring 2018. The Triangle top ($69-$75) looks like your average bikini top from the front, but the spaghetti straps cross in the back and tie down for a secure fit, while reinforced elastic under the bust adds stability. The halter-style Nanogrip top ($69-$75) is made for women with larger busts, designed to support C-D cup sizes. It’s got a wide strap, and the criss-cross tie laces through it for even more security.

There are two options for bottoms as well: the Nanogrip ($65-$69), which has more moderate coverage, and the Side Tie ($27-$69), which has ruched detailing and reveals a little more cheek. A reviewer on Patagonia’s site mentioned that, with an athletic build (“some glutes”), she would recommend ordering up a size on the bottoms, otherwise calling the Nanogrip the best bikini she owns.