By Alexandra Marshall
May 29, 2015
Credit: Roberta Valerio

In a world where small mountains of forgotten totes kick around the bottom of closets, does one need an artisanal canvas bag? In the case of the new French company L/Uniform, yes, ones does.

The ultimate utility bag, it lives and dies on being solid, durable, low-maintenance, and cute as hell. With its sharp, color-contrasted totes, duffels, messenger and schoolbags, L/Uniform takes this mandate seriously. The weaving of the canvas (either army-style short-card cotton, or washed 63 percent cotton/37 percent linen) and stitching of the bags is done by artisans in Carcassonne, historically a center of textile production—not to mention the hometown of co-founder Jeanne Signoles. Leather trims come from an old Catalonian tannery.

The vibrant piping adds pop, and everything is customizable for a few more euros via the website—or at the just-opened, nautical-mod shop on the quai Malaquais near Saint-Germain.