12 Vibrant Latin Fashion and Accessory Brands Travelers Will Love

These brands with colorful and unique artisanal designs will instantly transport you to your favorite Latin American destinations.

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Photo: Courtesy of Pájara Pinta

It’s impossible not to fall in love with what Latin American destinations have to offer — the sunny beaches of Mexico and Brazil, the mighty Andes mountains, the vineyards of Argentina and Chile, the mesmerizing ruins of pre-Columbian times throughout the region.

Latin American brands have a way of carrying that essence and translating it into colorful and original artisanal designs. And it’s not just the appealing looks and materials — many of them are keen sustainability advocates. From handcrafted purses that support indigenous communities and swimwear created with recycled materials to elegantly embroidered dresses, these brands are going to find their way into your luggage before long.

Selvaggi Swimwear

Turning ocean pollution into wonderful designs is the bread and butter of this Mexican brand. Specialized in swimwear, founder Norma García works with a material called Econyl that’s produced with fishing nets, plastic bottles, and other plastics found at sea. The brand has options for both men and women, and, as an additional perk, all their pieces are double-sided.

To shop: selvaggiswimwear.com


This Brazilian brand has been rooting for sustainable fashion since 1998, when they launched their collection of organic cotton T-Shirts. Now, they’re still very active on recycled materials, especially those that are created from plastic recovered from the ocean. Osklen has everything a traveler needs: swimwear, comfy T-shirts, Bermuda shorts, backpacks, sunglasses, sweatshirts, and even specialized hiking and surfing clothes.

To shop: osklen.com.br


A hat is always a great ally for travelers, and these Ecuadorian pieces are simply gorgeous. Metier has been producing and designing hand-woven hats for 10 years. They work with artisans who have passed their craft from generation to generation, turning natural fibers into statement pieces. What makes them great for travel? They’re light, soft, sweat-resistant, and breathable.

To shop: metiercrafts.com

Bamboo Life

Welcome the sun with these eco-friendly sunglasses. All the products this Mexican brand creates are sustainably produced with a mix of bamboo and recycled materials. Not only is bamboo one of the fastest growing plants, it’s also water resistant and very durable. They have polarized sunglasses for men, women, and kids, all of them with colorful, modern designs. Some even have artisanal details like beads on their frames.

To shop: bamboo-life.com

Pájara Pinta

Their name means a colorful female bird, and this is the inspiration behind their accessories. Founders Isabella Domínguez and María Paula Vargas want to bring the beauty of the Colombian jungle to statement pieces. They believe the jungle represents a primal and joyful energy that inspires growth, and that’s the concept behind their pieces, like handmade bags, oversized hats, and printed fans. Many of their products are created using local tribes’ ancient weaving techniques.

To shop: pajarapinta.co


There’s not a more fashionable way to travel than with the luggage and travel accessories of this Mexican brand. They specialize in handcrafted pieces that are not only durable, but also have an exquisite design. Most of their products, like passport holders and travel cases, are made of leather, but they also have a selection of canvas suitcases.

To shop: pantera.com.mx


Vane and Vivi are two Venezuelan entrepreneurs that founded this ready-to-wear brand in Colombia with fresh, versatile and comfortable clothes, perfect for travelers. Their designs are meant to empower women, from the woman who’ll wear them to the one who creates them. Because of that, in order to shorten the working gender gap in the country, all of their clothes are manufactured by women.

To shop: araneastore.com

Silvia Cobos

Comfort and style are the two things that define the footwear brand of the Colombian designer who resides in Miami. The concept was born from the founder’s need to have shoes that kept up with her fast pace as a working mom. Her sustainable collections are created with natural fibers, and the magic behind them is their level of handcrafted detail. The espadrilles and mules with pom-poms, breathable fabric, and striking embroidery are perfect to go from day to night.

To shop: silviacobos.com


Brazil is Eden for flip-flop lovers, and they have the best specialized brand since 1962. One of their emblematic characteristics is the texture on the rubber soles, meant to replicate rice grains as an ode to traditional Japanese sandals, their inspiration. They have tons of options for men, women, and kids, with colorful designs. Some even add special crystals, glitter, or charms.

To shop: havaianas.com

Sandra Weil

Having a night out during your vacation? Sandra Weil’s designs are fresh, festive, and beautiful. From a long floral skirt to a colorful crop top or a bohemian dress, her clothes are so suitable for travelers that some are even named after idyllic destinations, like the Sayulita dress. The Peruvian designer, residing in Mexico City, says fashion has been her way of discovering the world, expressing herself, and relating to people from other walks of life.

To shop: sandraweil.com


For cold weather travels, there’s nothing like this Argentinian brand. Their sweaters and jackets have vibrant designs. Thanks to embroidery and eclectic fabrics, covering from the cold has never been so stylish. And if that’s not enough, they have a great collection of hats, pashminas, and scarves.

To shop: rapsodia.com.ar

Mozh Mozh

Mozhdeh Matin created this slow fashion womenswear brand to safeguard Peruvian textiles and ancestral handcraft techniques. To do so, she collaborates with female artisans in small villages around Peru who know how to make the most of native materials like alpaca, cotton, wool, and natural rubber. Mozh Mozh clothes and accessories are perfect for travelers looking for comfort and originality. Their knitted tops and cotton dresses are versatile enough to wear during the day or at night, and their crochet purses are ideal to fit in your luggage.

To shop: mozhmozh.com

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