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By Tanya Ghahremani
January 22, 2020
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Stretch Your Body Mame Leggings Tout
Credit: Courtesy of Everlane

When you’re traveling, there’s nothing better than wearing a comfortable pair of leggings that feel more skin to butter than clothing. Travel can often be a deeply stressful experience, and that goes for air travel, train travel, and car travel alike. Delays, traffic, cramped spaces, and other mishaps are enough to leave anyone irritated, so no one needs to be wearing constricting, uncomfortable clothing on top of all that.

Leggings, of course, are one of the best items to wear in order to remain comfortable during any journey. But, to be considered ideal travel leggings, they have to be all of the above and then some: soft, compressive, versatile, durable, and super stretchy. Not many leggings can be all of these things at once, but some can. And now, thanks to Everlane, the ethically conscious, sustainable brand often seen on Meghan Markle, we can add another to that list. Everlane just released its Perform Leggings, and based off of its early customer reviews (and the fact that, according to the brand, it had a 33,000-person long waitlist), it’s poised to become a wardrobe staple — especially for traveling.

What makes these leggings more superior than others for traveling? Well, apart from the great quality (the leggings are made from a lightweight premium technical fabric that hails from a renowned mill in Italy) and low price point of only $58, it’s also activewear that doesn’t look or feel like activewear. This means that you can easily get away with wearing these outside the gym, but you’ll also benefit from all the great features workout leggings offer, like compression and flexibility. This is true of any of the colors on offer, but especially black — each pair looks like it could easily just be form-fitting skinny jeans.

Additionally, the Perform Legging was designed to hold its shape, so there’s no need to worry about the product losing any of its stretch after multiple wears.

Leggings with any sort of compressive qualities are particularly suited to air travel. Similar to how compression socks work, compression leggings will apply pressure to your legs, hips, and calves to help to increase circulation, especially helpful when you’re sitting in a high-altitude environment for an extended period of time.

Hit the Dance Floor Leggings
Credit: Courtesy of Everlane

To buy:, $58

Plus, Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing Everlane products on multiple occasions, so you can easily brag to others that you’re wearing the newest release from a Meghan-approved brand. That’s always a plus.

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