It's time to put away the sun dresses and shorts.

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Caleb Frith

The onset of fall spells a single major change for your closet: options. Gone are the days when it's too hot to wear anything else, or wear barely anything at all. Autumn and its ever-cooler days bring with it layers, so welcome back your favorite pants, jackets, close-toed shoes, and scarves. It's no wonder travelers speak in such reverent tones about "sweater weather," the platonic ideal for a cool, but not cold, fall day. You can wear so many things again—and in such dizzying combinations!

We picked 10 of our favorite fall garments to organize an outfit around, or to transform a drab ensemble into a daring one. After all, sometimes all you need is that one, perfect accessory. There are classics, like a handsome pair of Oxfords, and reinvented icons such as the leather jacket. There are bold and exciting new prints, graphic scarves, and dramatic coats—all perfect for flights, train trips, city sidewalks, and even foliage-fringed trails. Whether you are venturing out for a hike through the changing colors of Vermont's Green Mountains, planning an art-filled weekend in Paris, or going wine tasting in California's Anderson Valley, we've got you covered with outfit ideas that are functional and fashionable.

Leather Jacket

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of Pyer Moss

It's impossible not to look cool in a leather jacket, and fall is the perfect time to sport this style. First worn by pilots in the early 20th century and made famous by counter-culture icons like James Dean and Marlon Brando in the 1950s, leather jackets have be imagined and reimagined every which way: elegant and tough, oversized and trim. There's a reason they're a go-to travel garment, whether flying or climbing on the back of your bike.

We love: Pyer Moss's Perforated Black Killer Biker Jacket. This sleek, perfectly-tailored motorcycle jacket has a perforated lambskin exterior for a distinctive, and exceptional, texture.

Graphic Backpack

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of WANT Les Essentiels

The best in portable bags make it easy to carry all you need. The best-looking backpacks add a certain, special something to any on-the-go outfit. Whether you're on foot, on a bike, on a train, or a plane, you can grab and go hands-free with a chic backpack.

We love: WANT Les Essentiels's Kastrup Backpack. It perfectly balances aesthetics and utility. Stow your laptop, keys, wallet, and passport in easy-to-reach places, and carry on without worry. And its paint-drop, polka-dot navy calf-leather exterior will dress up any overnight flight outfit.

Classic Oxfords

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of Armando Cobral

Run, don't walk, in a pair of comfortable, fashion-forward oxfords. These handsome shoes add a touch of refinement to any ensemble, and are the perfect pair to wear while on the move. Pleasingly androgynous, ever evocative of a class (or board) room, Oxfords are the ideal combination of comfort, utility, and style. Go with socks or without, and try pairing with a rolled up trouser.

We love: Armando Cabral's Walker is a beautiful, minimalist example of the genre, with its brushed calf leather, rounded cap toe, and low wood heel. The whiskey-colored variation is our favorite.

Silk Scarf

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of Ikiré Jones

One of the most versatile accessories in your closet, a perfectly chosen silk scarf can transform any outfit. Tie it in your hair, on your wrist, around your neck, on your purse—it will add a jolt of color where ever it goes.

We love: Ikire Jones's Portrait of a Mother from Chibok Silk Scarf. This English-made 100 percent silk scarf is part of a series combining historical Western portraits, collage, and decorative design elements to explore a voyeuristic European artistic tradition. It's also just plain gorgeous.

Printed Skirt

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of Tracy Reese

A bold print can make a simple garment the stuff of fantasy. Consider sporting one, eye-catching print with understated, neutral classics, or mix-and-match prints with similar color stories.

We love: Tracy Reese’s bold, black-and-white Flared Skirt. A slouchy shin-length silhouette, it might look dowdy in any other print. Instead this skirt is thrilling for its juxtaposition of inky, intricate feather print with conservative cut.

Fashionable Raincoat

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of HBA

Everyone needs a performance jacket—something to wear outside, something to get wet in. And why not look sharp while doing it? A good (and good-looking) raincoat will quickly become central to any rainy-day outfit.

We love: Hood By Air's Hangover Jacket. A double-layered nylon zip-up, it combines functionality and style and, not to be underestimated, a hood. You gotta keep your 'do dry, right? Its bold color blocking—white on black on gold—with the glinting silver of the double zippers guarantees this jacket will be a show stopper.

Oversized Overcoat

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of LaQuan Smith

There's no statement more dramatic than an enormously large coat. That extra fabric will certainly keep you warm as fall's first chill sets in, but it also sends a message: I deserve this much, and more. And because it's an outer garment, a well-chosen big coat can transform even the most drab outfit into a stunner. This statement piece won't get lost in the layers.

We love: LaQuan Smith's F**k You Coat. This gorgeous floor-length tweed combines flecks of gold and copper in the weave with deep blues, aquamarines, and delicate grays. Every entrance will be a grand one.

Simple Jumpsuit

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of Public School

Admittedly, jumpsuits aren't the easiest to travel in—especially during bathroom breaks. But otherwise, comfort and style more than make up for this pesky difficulty. Plus, what outfit is more simple to plan around than a one-piece? Easy to pack and chic to wear, experiment with accessories to create multiple different looks.

We love: Public School's Alderleaf Jumpsuit. Simple, flattering, and an ever-complimentary black, this is the perfect garment to build upon. Layer with a bold coat, a striking hat, or a bright scarf.

Modern Fedora

Best Fall Outfits
Credit: Courtesy of Post-Imperial

Putting a hat on is so easy, and it can transform an outfit. Whether you're trying on a Carhartt beanie for your New England hiking trip or one of Beyoncé's "Formation" wide-brim hats (well, maybe a tad smaller) for a weekend in New Orleans, it can make your fall travel look.

We love: Post-Imperial’s collaboration with Larose Paris, their Fedora with Circle Pattern Band. In partnership with the French milliner, Post-Imperial, which combines Nigerian fabrics with American craftsmanship, presents a handmade, rabbit-fur felt fedora with a jaunty brim and Post Imperial’s signature patterned Adire fabric. Its blue band is all pop.