Wear your sunblock with Cover Swim’s UV-resistant line of stylish suits and shirts.

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Credit: Courtesy of Cover

Nothing can sabotage a long-awaited beach vacation quite like a day-one sunburn. Aside from the fact that sunburns make it painful to do pretty much everything (and look utterly ridiculous), the long-term skin damage is hardly worth the risk. Sunscreen is a good start, but it can only take you so far. That’s why Lisa Moore, who returned from one too many vacations with sunburns as a new mother, created Cover Swim.

The idea came to Moore while on holiday with her family. If you’re a new mom, the following scenario may sound all-too-familiar: Moore was so incessantly focused on reapplying sunscreen to her little ones that she completely forgot to protect her own skin. As a solution, she set out to find a stylish, long-sleeved maillot. And, realizing her options were limited, she decided to make one herself.

Just two years after Moore launched Cover in 2008, her 22-year-old sister was diagnosed with melanoma, which gave her brand’s mission an even more pronounced purpose: to blend aesthetics with health. Originally a fashion and beauty brand, the line is now focused primarily on promoting women’s health while maintaining a strong sense of style.

Cover suits are designed with Protec Swim Jersey, which is Cover’s proprietary opaque fabric made of SPF 50+ microfibers that block 98 percent of UV rays (and it won’t wear off with washing). With a fully functional range of silhouettes — from bra tops to swim tees to leggings that bounce from the pool straight to the bike path — Cover is the solution for the woman who doesn’t want to worry about protecting her skin while enjoying the outdoors.

To reinvigorate the brand each season, Moore collaborates with American artists on one-of-a-kind prints in each of her collections. This season, she partnered with Ashley Hicks, the son of 1960s interior design style maven and jet-setter, David Nightingale Hicks.

Like his father, Ashley has a keen eye for design. Inspired by his work as an interior and fabric and furniture designer, he was excited by the prospect of marrying the aquatic textures of shagreen, Venetian terrazzo floors, and coral reef markings that he sees in the design world to create original Cover swimsuits. This exclusive white pavimento print maillot is the perfect suit to blend into the coral reefs during that deep-sea dive in Turks and Caicos, and when you get out of the water, it’ll keep you cool and protected.

Credit: Courtesy of Cover

Shop the entire collection at coverswim.com. Cover is also available at major retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Shopbop.