By Stacey Leasca
October 05, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Hôtel Vetements

After visiting a great new hotel, it’s tempting to want to take a piece of it home with you. For most of us, that means snagging a few of the mini bottles of shampoo, or if we are really brave, attempting to steal a bathrobe or two.

But designer Alexandra Hartmann is taking it a step further with her new line of jackets and tops, which are all made out of curtains from some of the most fabulous hotels in France.

As Vogue reported, the Paris-born and Copenhagen-based designer was walking the streets of the City of Lights when she noticed some discarded gold floral-stitched curtains just sitting in the trash outside of a nearby hotel.

Credit: Courtesy of Hôtel Vetements

“I had known I wanted to start something, but I just got so bored thinking of using new fabric and creating more stuff,” Hartmann told Vogue. “Why not reuse these, I thought.”

In the two years that followed her ah-ha moment, Hartmann said she called nearly every hotel in Paris to gain access to their old window dressings. Finally, her work has paid off with her new line, Hôtel.

Hartmann’s repurposed wares are simply stunning, with each being more unique than the last with some made from silk damask and others crafted from 100% cotton sheets.

And while each piece turned out to be a work of art, Hartmann is the first to admit that it wasn’t easy wading through fabrics that have lined the windows of famed hotels for years, through stains, cigarette burns, and more.

“It was a struggle at the beginning,” she told Vogue. “The fun part is creating a pattern that works with the fabric.”

Credit: Courtesy of Hôtel Vetements
Credit: Courtesy of Hôtel Vetements

And just like your own travel experiences, no two pieces from Hartmann’s collection will be the same, but as she says, “That’s what makes them special."

Shop the jackets, which retail for about $314, at