This Mosquito Tent Keeps People From Getting 'Eaten Alive' by Bugs — and It's on Sale

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EVEN NATURALS Luxury Pop Up Mosquito Net Tent
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

There are two kinds of people: those who can kick back on their porch without a care in the world, and those who have to add a slick layer of repellent to avoid being eaten alive by mosquitos and pesky bugs. So, if you happen to be included in the latter of the two, then why not test out another solution that doesn't leave you shiny and sticky when it's time to hit the sheets?

One of the quickest ways to outsmart the bugs for a little peace of mind is by investing in a pop-up mosquito tent. And right now, you can get this already marked down one for an extra 15 percent off by applying the discount code 159W2XTM at checkout.

EVEN NATURALS Luxury Pop Up Mosquito Net Tent
Courtesy of Amazon

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With more than 800 perfect ratings left by shoppers who've added it to their own arsenal of outdoor gear, the Even Naturals Luxury Tent has bug bite-sensitive people calling it their "ticket to being able to relax and be outside and enjoy Mother Nature again." But thanks to a versatile design, the tent isn't just for outdoor enthusiasts.

Since it's large enough to fit atop a king size bed, the netted tent can be placed over a bed inside whether you're camping or just fighting off dreaded summer pests. "I have a remote cabin in the woods and the mosquito population is unbearable at times," one reviewer said. "No matter how hard I try to keep them out of the sleeping areas, they always find a way in. I even have bug screens on the bedroom doors, but they still get in. As a result, I am slapping myself all night from mosquitos buzzing and biting me. This was the perfect solution to my problem… Bug problem solved. Now I can enjoy my cabin and get some sleep."

The design of the tent is quite simple, but according to the shoppers who say it keeps them from being "eaten alive" and that their "only regret is that I didn't know about this sooner,″ it's safe to say it works. Plus, the easy to set up screened tent comes with its own carrying bag making it ideal for traveling or keeping handy for when you need it most.

If you're ready to give the citronella candles a break, head to Amazon to get the shopper-approved tent sure to keep bugs out of your space.

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