Shoppers Say This Eye Is Cream 'Seriously Magical' for Wrinkles, Dark Circles, and Puffy Bags

“The area around my eyes looks brighter, tighter, and fresher.”

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Eight Saints All In Eye Cream
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Understanding ingredient lists can be challenging, even for seasoned beauty lovers (no kidding, I keep a magnifying glass in my bathroom to see some of the tiny fonts). Which is why Eight Saints' skincare is so refreshing: All of the line's offerings revolve around eight skin-boosting ingredients, and exclude over a dozen iffy additives. And per shoppers, its All In Eye Cream is a godsend for fine lines, puffiness, and dark bags.

While most people look a bit worse for wear while traveling, one reviewer abroad said they were shocked by the eye cream's effects. "I noticed mid-trip that my under eyes looked the best they had, maybe ever," they wrote. "I continued using the eye cream even after we got home, and this stuff is seriously magical." High praise, but a bit vague. Another person got more specific: "I cannot believe how much Eight Saints' All In Eye Cream has helped with my under eye bags and lines in just seven days."

"You can see in the pictures how much it reduced the puffiness and dark bags, and I feel like it has even smoothed out the fine lines in the corner of my eyes," they continued. "The best part is, you don't need to put a lot of product on. Literally a dab on your fingertip will cover under both eyes generously."

Eight Saints All In Eye Cream
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: or, $44

Those results are par for the course, according to people who likewise saw their dark circles and eye bags shrink within a week of use — even those who are "permanently tired." As an exhausted 40-something wrote, "All In has softened and diminished the fine lines around my eyes, and really made me look so much more rested and refreshed." Another fan in their 50s with "tired, puffy" lids, fine lines, and hollows beneath their eyes was just as pleased: "Best eye cream I have ever used!" They continued, "My eyes plumped up and even appeared tighter."

The impact comes down to the ingredients at play. Caffeine constricts blood vessels to reduce puffiness and temporarily tighten skin, licorice and vitamin C brighten, lactic acid softens wrinkles, and squalane, jojoba, and hyaluronic acid lend line-softening hydration. And for a preventative approach, antioxidants from green tea and a cornucopia of antioxidants ward off aging free radicals.

As a relatable last devotee wrote, "I look at myself all day on Zoom calls for work, and I can 100 percent confirm that the area around my eyes looks brighter, tighter, and fresher since I started using All In. The consistency is perfect...easy to apply, sinks right in, not goopy or oily."

Sounds like the brand has a hit on their hands. Try the $44 wonder-worker for yourself via Eight Saints' website or Amazon.

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