We bet that song is stuck in your head now isn't it?

By Stacey Leasca
May 26, 2021
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Missing out on the magic of Disney? While you wait to plan your next great Disney vacation, you can at least enjoy one of its most famous rides at home with the new It's a Small World board game.

In May, Disney unveiled the board game ($29.99) it calls a "playful journey" for players aged 4 and up. Players work to collect colorful picture cards by spotting scenes that can be seen from your little boat. Whoever collects the most cards wins. Though the premise seems fun, the board itself is really the shining star.

Disney's It's A Small World boardgame
Credit: Courtesy of Shop Disney

The board is a pop-up miniature version of the ride including a center clock tower used in the game to keep track of "the time of day." Once the clock hits sunset the game is complete.

The board also features pop-up "lands" with all the familiar characters, and even tiny boats, which players ride in throughout the game. Just throw on the music and you'll feel like you're on the ride like the good old days. Even the box itself is display-worthy thanks to its white and gold design.

According to Disney, the game time runs around 20 minutes making it a perfect way to spend a few moments together as a family. Though it's made for two to six players, more people can jump in and work as teams as well.

Exterior or it's a small world ride at Disneyland
Credit: Mariah Tyler

As WDW Magazine noted, the game is most certainly easy to grasp, but is slightly more complex than other similar games like Chutes and Ladders and Candyland, making it the ideal game for children who are ready for something a bit more complex.

"The game is sensibly designed to be comprehensible for young minds, so you won't encounter any confusing scenarios or obtuse rules that could obstruct your child's ability to grasp what they're supposed to be doing," the review notes.

Now through July 1, the game is exclusively available at Disney Parks and shopDisney, after that, it will become available on Amazon.