Traveling too often to get a decent haircut? Have a seat at one of these community-bound barbershops for a bit of local flair with your hot shave.

Credit: Denny Moe's

When searching for a quality barbershop, many men are just looking for a place to cut their hair. For those looking for a bit more than the average snip and trim—perhaps, say, a discussion about the upward arc of Western Civilization—read on for a list of great barber shops around the country. All of them will give you a tidy cut and a sense of community.

Denny Moes in New York, N.Y.

Denny Moes has a somewhat old-school feel, but a revolutionary outlook. Though the shop's clientele includes the likes of P Diddy and Eddie Murphy, what makes this Harlem shop really stand out is its commitment to education. Since the shop opened nine years ago, it's launched several initiatives, including Cutting for A Cure, a project devoted to providing health care for underprovided communities. They also serve as a host to Barbershop Books, a non-profit program dedicated to creating reading spaces for kids.

Throne in Portland, Oregon

This shop has been open for less than a year, but they've quickly created a buzz as a place to go for old-school sensibilities and modern conveniences. First thing you'll notice about Throne is its well-appointed spirits collection. Here at Throne, each cut comes with a complimentary drink of your choice. Other visual stylings like exposed brick and custom-made barber chairs (or "Thrones"— hence the name) combine with well-educated barbers to make this a go to spot for Portlanders and visitors alike.

Baxter Finley in West Hollywood, California

Baxter Finley is heavy on luster, with a varying assortment of products and services geared to living well. This is where you go to get ready for the Academy Awards or any of the stylized events Los Angeles is famous for hosting. Persian rugs, wood floors and cast-iron chairs decorate the shop and reinforce the notion you're breathing rarefied air. The barbers here are extremely talented and they know it—a cut and a shave will run you an eye-popping $85 dollars. They also sell protein shampoos and grooming lotions to maintain your look in between visits.

2B Groomed Barber Studio in Philadelphia

2B Groomedholds space in between the luxury shops and the no-frills locations. Their shop is nice, but not dripping in decadence by any means. However, their services are very specialized and cater to guys looking for more than just a regular cut. For example, in addition to cuts and shaves, they also provide things such as beard colorings, steam facials and head massages. Additionally, they have discount rates for students and even offer packages coordinating all cuts and shaves for grooms and groomsman.

Aidan Gill For Men in New Orleans

"A singular man's enclave" is how Aidan Gill's shop describes itself. It's a phrase that conjures up grainy images of heavy bearded men smoking pipes and drinking whisky. Truth is, this New Orleans institution isn't far from being just that and its inclusion in any barber shop list is nearly mandatory. Its aesthetic is pure early-mid 20 Century stuff, but without that weird poser vibe to which some shops fall victim. Cool antiques like old school shaving brushes are sold in the front portion of the store, with the actual barber shop in the back. A living museum is a good way to describe it and as such the prices are a little steep. Of course, what you're paying for here is a unique experience that frankly, can't be duplicated anywhere else.

The Proper in Los Angeles

If a lounge vibe is what you're looking for, then The Proper is where to go. Owner Vinnie Morey—a barber TV bonafides on his resume, having worked on the first season of Bravo's Tabatha's Salon Takeover—has put together a respectable, very talented staff, and the whole vibe is meant to relax its customers, giving them that laidback attitude Southern California was once famous for.

Graffitis SWAG Barber Shop in Atlanta

Killer Mike, a.k.a Mike Render, a.k.a. one half of the hip-hop duo Run The Jewels, has for years been known for two things, neither of which are his hair-cutting abilities: creating some of the most powerful music in the industry and he smartly speaking about pressing societal issues. Now he's added another line to his bio: barber shop owner. His Atlanta spot, Graffitis SWAG (Shave, Wash, And Groom), opened four years ago, and boasts yellow and black walls with large paintings of artists and historical figures.