The 6 Best Heated Socks to Wear This Winter

The Autocastle Heated Socks are our top choice.

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Whether you plan on spending more time on the ski slopes and hiking trails, or you simply like to stay warm and cozy while you sightsee, having a good pair of heated socks on hand is the easiest way to keep your feet warm when colder weather strikes. These high-tech socks include battery-operated wiring throughout that heats up to your liking, keeping your feet nice and toasty for hours at a time. They come in options such as remote-controlled pairs for convenience and breathable, moisture-wicking styles to keep you dry and comfortable during more active adventures.

If you're looking for something reliable, comfortable, and reasonably priced, we like the Autocastle Heated Socks.

These are the best heated socks to shop.

T+L Top Picks

Best Overall: Autocastle Heated Socks

Men Women Battery Socks Rechargeable Electric Socks
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Made from soft and stretchy cotton, these cozy socks feature three temperature settings and a handy pocket at the top to hold the rechargeable battery pack. They expertly keep both the feet and legs warm, and the cushioned toe and heel make them comfortable enough to wear for long periods. While they work great for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, they're just as useful for attending cold-weather sporting events, or even lounging indoors on a chilly night. The socks come in four colors.

Temperature Range: Up to 122 degrees F | Battery Life: 3 to 6.5 hours | Method of Heating: Rechargeable battery

Best Budget: Wissblue Heated Socks

Men Women Battery Socks Rechargeable Electric Socks
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Interested in testing out some heated socks without spending a ton of money? This low-cost pair warms up in about 20 seconds and disperses heat evenly through the feet and calves. The comfy cotton blend fabric is breathable and flexible, and these socks are machine-washable for added convenience. They're perfect for everything from cycling to ice fishing, and they feature the largest temperature range on our list.

Temperature Range: 113 to 160 degrees F | Battery Life: 3 to 9 hours | Method of Heating: Rechargeable battery

Best Splurge: Snow Deer Heated Socks

snow deer heated socks
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We love these top-of-the-line heated socks by Snow Deer because of their long battery life and buttoned pocket to secure the battery. Along with a soft and cozy lining, the socks also have an elastic cuff that stays in place, so these won't slip down as you move around. Plus, unlike many similar socks, this pair comes in four sizes so you can find a perfectly comfortable fit. They make every chilly activity a little more luxurious, so if you ask us, they're more than worth the splurge.

Temperature Range: 93 to 131 degrees F | Battery Life: 2 to 6 hours | Method of Heating: Rechargeable battery

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Longest Heat Time: Xbuty Heated Socks

Men Women Battery Socks Rechargeable Electric Socks
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These Xbuty heated socks have a battery life of up to 16 hours, making them the best option on our list for extended outdoor excursions and overnight camping trips. There are three heat levels to choose from, and the socks are machine-washable (as long as you remove the battery pack beforehand). The breathable cotton material feels ultra-soft against the skin, and the heating coils are so thin that they're barely noticeable when walking.

Temperature Range: 115 to 160 degrees F | Battery Life: 8.5 to 16 hours | Method of Heating: Rechargeable battery

Best Remote-controlled Pair: Dr. Warm Remote-Controlled Heated Socks

Men Women Battery Socks Rechargeable Electric Socks
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Most heated socks are controlled by a battery pack on the sock itself, but this innovative pair by Dr. Warm comes with a remote control so you can turn it on or off and change heat settings without having to access your sock—particularly helpful when you're on the move, and your socks are covered by layers or bulky boots. The socks are also thick yet lightweight and flexible. While they work best under a pair of ski boots, they're also flexible and stretchy, making them an ideal option for a variety of physical activities.

Temperature Range: 113 to 149 degrees F | Battery Life: 3.5 to 11 hours | Method of Heating: Rechargeable battery, remote control

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Best Shoe Insoles: HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

hothands insole foot warmers adhesive value pack
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If you want to keep your feet warm but don't need a pair of socks, try these heated insoles by HotHands. The air-activated insoles attach to the bottom of your regular socks to provide an even distribution of heat to the soles of your feet. The single-use insoles can provide up to nine hours of heat and are TSA-approved, so you can even keep your feet warm on chilly flights. Even better, they have odor absorbing capabilities, so your feet will stay odor-free.

Temperature Range: Up to 109 degrees F | Battery Life: Up to 9 hours | Method of Heating: Air activated

What to Look for in Heated Socks

Temperature Range

The socks on our list range in temperature from 109 to 160 degrees, but you may find socks that reach temperatures lower or higher than that. Look for a temperature range that suits the activity you're planning to wear them for (a higher range is best for snow activities like skiing and snowboarding, while a lower range works for non-snowy outings like camping, hiking, and cycling). It's mainly up to personal preference, but keep in mind, socks that reach less than 100 degrees won't provide much warmth.

Battery Life

If you anticipate staying outdoors in chilly weather for an entire day — like a long winter hike or a day out on the ski slopes — go for a pair that'll last over eight hours. On our list, the Xbuty Heated Socks have the longest battery life. If you plan on spending just a couple hours at a time in the cold or simply want a pair to stay extra cozy inside, choose a pair of heated socks like the option from Wissblue or warming insoles from HotHands.

Method of Heating

Most heated socks are heated by rechargeable battery packs that can be removed from the socks while charging. However, some options operate using a remote control. The added element allows users to raise or lower the temperature of their socks without having to bend over or pull their pant leg up over their socks. (This is especially useful when you can't access your sock, like when it's tucked inside a tight ski boot.) Remote control socks still feature rechargeable battery packs, but they're a bit more user-friendly.


When shopping for heated socks, keep an eye out for warm-yet-durable materials like cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, and spandex. Each material has its own advantages; spandex is ultra-flexible while wool is extra warm and breathable for outdoor physical activity but might be thicker inside a boot. but all are great options for holding in heat and keeping you comfortable. Also consider looking for a pair with cushioning or padding around the toes or soles, especially for activities like hiking, to help avoid any chafing or blisters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash heated socks?

It's best to wash heated socks by hand after removing the batteries and any connected cables, and hang to dry. Some companies do claim their socks are safe for washing machines, so if you plan to throw your socks in the washer, be sure to carefully follow the instructions that come with the socks. In any case, wringing the socks is not recommended, as it can damage the heating elements.

How do heated socks work?

Heated socks are made with hidden wiring throughout the soles, toes, and legs, which heat up to warm the skin once attached to a battery pack and turned on, either manually or with a remote control. Many heated socks are sold with battery packs, so you don't have to worry about hunting them down separately, but check whether that's included with the pair you're interested in before you purchase.

How long do batteries of heated socks last?

Heated socks' batteries last longer on lower heat settings and less time on higher heat settings. On their highest setting, the heated socks on our list will last anywhere from 2 to 8.5 hours. On their lowest setting, some may stay warm up to 16 hours.

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