These handy socks will help promote blood flow and prevent your feet from swelling on your next flight.

By Rebecca Carhart
June 19, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Zappos/Nordstrom/Amazon

Ladies, if you’ve ever dealt with aching or swollen feet after a long flight, it might be time to invest in a high-quality pair of compression socks. These versatile socks are specifically designed to apply pressure to your feet and calves, thereby increasing blood flow and preventing blood clots and swelling in your lower legs. Plus, there’s the added bonus that they will keep your feet nice and toasty on even the chilliest of flights.

Besides working wonders on long flights, compression socks can be worn outside of planes too. If you have to stand on your feet all day at work, exercise a lot, or suffer from circulation problems or varicose veins, these snug socks will help keep your legs and feet unswollen and pain-free.

Like most travel accessories, there’s an overwhelming number of compression socks available in stores. To help you find the best option for your needs, we turned to reviews from real customers to see which compression socks they love the most. Not only do these handy socks have near-perfect ratings, but they also have thousands of glowing customer reviews between them.

The best part? All the socks on this list are actually cute, so you won’t be embarrassed to sport them on your next flight. From toe socks to pretty printed options and knee-high compression socks, keep reading to shop the nine pairs of compression socks female shoppers can’t stop raving about.

These are the best compression socks for women:

Best Overall: Physix Gear Compression Socks

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Not only do these compression socks from Physix Gear boast a firm 20 to 30 mmHg compression level and moisture-wicking properties, but they are also made from a durable double-stitched fabric. So it makes sense that the beloved socks have racked up over 11,500 reviews and an impressive 4.7-star rating. “I purchased them because my feet swell on long flights and are uncomfortable,” said one customer. “My last [few] flights have been much more comfortable because these socks prevented or controlled the swelling. I did not feel uncomfortable on the flight and slept better on the plane as a result. They worked so well that I used them throughout the trip after my feet became swollen after walking around Paris for 3 days straight.”

To buy:, from $10

Best for Arch Support: Zensah Argyle Compression Socks

Credit: Courtesy of Zappos

If you arches become painful and swollen on long flights, look for a pair of compression socks that offer added arch support, like this printed pair from Zensah. The argyle socks feature a gradient compression that helps increase blood flow, plus a padded heel and toe for extra comfort and shock absorption. One shopper wrote, “These are hands-down the most comfortable, supportive socks I've owned. I wear them every day. They offer great relief from swelling and edema in my feet and stay supportive all day long. They are super soft and offer a bit of cushion as well. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a high quality, supportive compression sock.”

To buy:, $35

Best Copper Option: FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

These compression socks by FuelMeFoot feature copper fibers that are designed to increase circulation, eliminate odor, and relieve aches and pains. The sleek socks are also super breathable and moisture-wicking so your feet will stay nice and dry. Because they are conveniently sold in a three-pack, you can have a clean pair for flights to and from your destination, plus a spare to wear during your trip. Over 2,700 Amazon customers have given them a 4.4-star rating, with one shopper writing, “I bought these for our long flights to/from New Zealand and they were great. My legs felt much fresher than they usually do on even shorter flights. I'll wear these for any flight over three hours in the future.”

To buy:, from $10

Most Comfortable Option: Crucial Compression Compression Socks

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

While compression socks have a number of health benefits, some people can find them to be too constricting and uncomfortable. Over 1,200 Amazon customers love this pair by Crucial Compression because they offer the same professional-grade compression as other pairs on this list, but they are also super soft, breathable, and don’t feel too tight. With 11 stylish colors to choose from, you are sure to find an option that you love. “These are the most comfortable compression socks I own. They go all the way up to my knees, and I'm a 6-foot tall female. My toes don't feel crowded at all. Best of all, they're so comfortable I forget I'm wearing them,” raved one shopper.”

To buy:, from $10

Best Sheer Option: Oroblu Mi Bas Repos 70 Sheer Support Knee Highs

Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

In the market for a pair of sheer compression socks that you can wear discreetly? Check out this pair from Oroblu. The see-through socks boast gradual compression to help promote blood flow and alleviate swelling and pain. What’s more? They feature a subtle lavender smell for a soothing aromatherapy treatment. “Bought these for a long flight I was taking as my ankles always swell,” said one shopper. “They were GREAT!! Arrived 24 hours later and my ankles/legs were not swollen at all. Stay up on my leg and didn’t fall down. I would recommend these for sure!!”

To buy:, $12

Best Option With Toes: Injinji Ultra Compression OTC Sock

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Toe socks may not be the most attractive looking socks, but they can help regulate circulation throughout your entire foot. This pair of compression toe socks by Injinji are specially designed to offer graduated compression from your ankle to your knee and help prevent blisters from forming on your feet. The lightweight socks come in three different colors and have reflective stripes for visibility — which comes in handy if you plan to wear them out hiking or jogging. “I love toe socks, and I wear compression socks running, fastpacking, recovering post-workout, and working (registered nurse). These are so comfortable, soft, and help me with blister prevention! I'm so glad I can now wear toe socks and compression socks simultaneously! I'll be buying many pairs of these,” said one customer.

To buy:, $49

Best Option With Fun Prints: Laite Hebe Compression Socks

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If you prefer your travel accessories to have a little personality, opt for these compression socks from Laite Hebe. The breathable, moisture-wicking socks come in 25 different prints and colors that are actually cute. The socks also boast a top cuff to prevent them from slipping down so you won’t have to worry about adjusting them, and more than 2,700 Amazon customers are fans and have given them a 4.4-star rating. One customer wrote, “I am 5'8" tall with long legs and often have trouble with compression socks fitting properly. It was not the case with the Laite Hebe socks. The socks fit my size 10 narrow foot comfortably and were long enough to fit snugly and securely. I spend most of my day standing or walking on hard tile floors and my legs were not fatigued at all. The fun prints were a nice change from the solid black, brown & blue. They wash well and retain their color. I will buy them again.”

To buy:, from $10

Best High-Compression Option: SB SOX Compression Socks

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

These compression socks by SB SOX feature a professional-grade 20 to 30 mmHg compression level and are specially designed to boost both blood flow and oxygen levels throughout your feet and legs. Most compression socks come in either small or large sizes, but this pair has four different sizes to choose from so you can find your perfect fit (if you’re wearing them for a long flight, this is doubly important). Over 8,000 Amazon customers recommend the sleek socks, with one writing, “I decided to try compression socks as I occasionally travel on long flights. The SB Sox caught my eye due to its price and high ratings. These socks felt so good that I immediately bought some for my wife. The amount of compression is perfect. I will be buying more of these!”

To buy:, from $10

Best Toeless Option: Doc Miller Compression Sleeve

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Love the benefits of compression socks but hate feeling constricted around your toes? Consider these compression foot sleeves from Doc Miller. They work exactly the same as all the other compression socks on this list, but they leave your toes free to wiggle around. In addition to their anti-odor properties, they feature a band at both the top and bottom to securely keep the sleeve in place. The toeless socks have 2,500 rave reviews and are a No. 1 best-seller on Amazon. “I need compression socks when I fly. I prefer the footless style especially in the summer so I can be as discreet as possible. I was very happy to find the exact style I wanted and needed at Doc Miller. The socks are true to size and comfortable for compression socks,” said one happy shopper.

To buy:, from $12

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