By Joey Skladany /
December 19, 2016
Credit: Photo-Illustration: David Kukin / Photos: Getty; Labiotte

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It's the holidays and chances are that at any given time you're three glasses deep into a bottle of red. The unfortunate side effects are usually a) texting an ex b) having to work the next day and c) dealing with that not-so-cute film of wine residue on your lips. If you suffer from the latter, Korean makeup company Labiotte has the perfect solution. Why not turn your alcohol affinity into a fashion statement?

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The Chateau Laviotte collection features a line of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tints and lip balms with flavors inspired by and made from actual wine. Products include Chardonnay Orange, Merlot Burgundy and Shiraz Red so your lips can be "I'm a fun girl who likes to party/I drank so much wine I look like a toddler who just had juice" chic.

It's a perfect last-minute stocking stuffer and an excellent excuse to get someone underneath the mistletoe. Because who wouldn't want to taste wine and not the onion dip your crush served 30 minutes prior?