This Shopper-loved, Anti-thinning Hair Serum Stops Fallout and Encourages Growth — and It's 25% Off

And today’s your last chance to get it on sale.

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vegamour hair serum
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Any hair care routine can benefit from a little T.L.C. And if you're someone that's been experiencing increased fallout or breakage, experts say implementing a stimulating treatment serum into your regimen may help you achieve thicker strands. That's because hair serums are packed with potent ingredients and designed to deeply penetrate the scalp to nourish, protect, and reinvigorate the follicles. In fact, taking care of your scalp can help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair, Texas-based trichologist Kerry Yates tells Travel and Leisure.

While there are plenty of hair growth serums and thinning hair treatments on the market, there's one product that's been generating a lot of buzz for its effective and fast-acting formula: the Vegamour Gro Hair Serum, which shoppers say has helped them see improvement in their strands "in a few days." And as luck would have it, the popular hair growth product is currently on sale. Right now, you can get a bottle of the anti-thinning concoction for 25 percent off as part of the Vegamour Friends + Family Sale, which is happening sitewide and for a limited amount of time. All you need to do is use the promo code FAM25 at checkout to take advantage of the discount.

vegamour hair serum
Courtesy of Vegamour

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The Gro Hair Serum features a combination of Phyto-actives (translation: nutrients that are contained within plant extracts and delivered to each cell of your scalp) to repair, rebalance, and strengthen the follicles, which leads to an increase in hair density over time by reducing shedding. Key ingredients include free radical-combating curcumin, anti-inflammatory red clover, and mineral-rich mung bean that delivers important nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamin B, biotin, and more directly to the scalp.

The formula is also rich in peptides, which Yates notes are essential for hair health. "They help hydrate the hair, enhancing its suppleness and preventing breakage," she explains. "They can also hydrate the scalp and help alleviate inflammation, leading to tightness or itchiness." Peptides are joined by caffeine to "stimulate the follicle, helping to feed the follicle and therefore causing it to grow," Yates adds.

To use the hair serum, simply apply a full dropper's worth of product directly to the scalp, focusing on areas where you want to activate regrowth and increase fullness. Once the product is distributed, Yates recommends massaging the product into your scalp to not only ensure proper distribution, but to also relieve scalp tension and improve blood flow — all of which will further encourage growth. Per Yates' instruction, you can use the serum in the morning or night, and it's best to apply it to dry hair before styling products. Depending on your hair goals, you can use the serum daily or weekly. (Pro tip: The more frequently you use it, the quicker you'll see results).

Thousands have turned to the serum for a variety of hair loss concerns, including shedding, thinning tresses, and even to boost growth, and it has earned a seal of approval from those experiencing thinning and fallout from post-partum, stress, autoimmune diseases, and more.

One customer went as far as to call the Gro Hair Serum "the most effective product" they have ever used, adding that it smells great and "doesn't leave any residue" or greasiness post-application. Another reviewer thanked the brand for giving them a "full head of healthy hair back." A new parent that was "losing handfuls of hair" and "seeing bald spots" wrote: "Three months in, and those bald spots are covered with baby hairs." It also works for those with naturally thin hair, and one user shared that they've seen a "difference in the growth [and] thickness and have had less shedding" since using the serum.

According to the celeb-approved brand, you can expect to see noticeable improvements in fullness and thickness after 90 days of frequent use with "peak results" beginning to take effect after 120 days. However, shoppers reported that they saw results even faster. One buyer, whose hair was "coming out in clumps," was amazed to see it "stopped falling out" within "one to two days" of using the serum. They added, "After a week or two, I could tell how fast my hair was growing back in." Once reaching the five-week mark, another was thrilled to say that their hair had hair "grown at least 2 inches" and was thicker and "so much healthier."

If you're tired of dealing with thinning strands or hair loss, check out the Gro Hair Serum on Vegamour today while it's 25 percent off. But, hurry, this deal won't last for long.

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