This Beauty Product Was Made for Frequent Fliers

Make-Up Applying During Flight
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Flying on an airplane is not great for your skin, but there are a ton of beauty products that can help combat the effects of dry airplane cabin air, going hours without any good sleep, and being around lots of people in tight quarters for an extended amount of time.

While drinking water is the first thing you have to do to make sure you stay hydrated, you also may want to treat yourself to the Magic Mattifying Balm & Blotting Sheet Duo from TrèStiQue. It's exactly what it sounds like: a balm that's meant to erase shine from oily faces, but also nine feet of blotting sheet built right into the tool.

Make-Up Applying During Flight
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It's small enough to pop into your carry-on without taking up precious space. The tool comes with magnetic closures, meaning you won't be losing this cap anytime soon. The best part: this little product is super inconspicuous, meaning you won't get the stares that often come with in-flight beauty rituals. (Helllllo, masking.)

Grab it a few minutes before you land, tear off a bit of blotting paper to run over your face, and dab the balm on any remaining problem areas. Throw on some lipstick — or keep it au naturale — and the last thing people will think when they see you is that you just stepped off of an airplane.

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