Seven Travel-Inspired Beauty Products for Fall

Give your look a global appeal this season—no passport required.

Fall beauty inspiration

From Nars's Bronzing Powder in "Laguna" to NYX Cosmetics' Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Copenhagen," today's cult-favorite beauty products are often inspired by far-flung locales and domestic destinations. Here, seven beauty pros share their motives for bringing new travel hot spots to life in the form of shadows, polishes, perfumes, and more this fall.

Fall beauty inspiration
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Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Eye Palette

"The Sterling Nights Collection was inspired by a vacation I took with my family to South Africa," says Bobbi Brown, iconic makeup artist and founder and chief creative officer of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. "From wildlife roaming in the bushes to the incredible star-studded skies, everything about the trip was awe-inspiring. We also met some incredible local Bobbi Brown makeup artists who shared the [popular] colors of their cities and towns. That, combined with the incredible experience of a safari rich in tradition and style, set the tone for the Sterling Nights Collection. The Sterling Nights Eye Palette, inspired by the night sky, includes star-like neutral metallic shadows along with richer, more dramatic shades. The combination of colors and textures flatter all skin tones and can be layered for a look that easily transitions from day to night. The image above in particular inspired [the palette]." $70, available at in November.

Fall beauty inspiration

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in Griffith Gaze, Hancock Park, Rose Bowl, and Santa Monica Shutters

"Los Angeles is so full of inspiration," says Lauren Berkovitz, CEO and founder of Lauren B. Beauty (and niece to hair guru, Philip B.), of her hometown. "I'm always discovering something new, or seeing some familiar place in a magical new light. All of my nail colors are drawn from the city. 'Santa Monica Shutters' reminds me of the white shells, shutters, and decor of the beautiful and iconic Shutters on the Beach hotel. I love to have drinks there and watch the soft, white drapery blow in the breeze. 'Rose Bowl,' a deep red, iridescent jewel tone reminds me of the brilliant roses I've seen in the Rose Parade, and an L.A. sunset viewed from Griffith Park, inspired my color 'Griffith Gaze'—words can't describe the beauty and color of the sky from this vantage point!" $18 each,

Fall beauty inspiration
© 2012 Frank Bienewald. Frank Bienewald

OPI Nail Lacquer in Amore at the Grand Canal, St. Mark's the Spot, and Venice the Party

"The rich and ornate colors of the palazzos. Costumes of the handsome gondoliers. Sitting in St. Marco square sipping coffee, eating cake, and people-watching, I thought: Venice is the perfect inspiration for the fall collection," says president and artistic director of OPI products, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. "My most vivid memory is sitting in a restaurant watching the reflection of the sunset in the Grand Canal. That color became 'Amore at the Grand Canal.'" $9.50 each,

Fall beauty inspiration
(c) Vincenzo Lombardo. Vincenzo Lombardo

MEMO Paris African Leather Eau de Parfum

"I visited South Africa and Kenya, all the way to its border with Mozambique," says Clara Molloy, co-founder and creative director of MEMO Paris. "The Cuirs Nomades collection is entirely based on leathers, so we wanted to work off of the exotic African animals' patterns. They have such beautiful diverse and sophisticated designs, which I found very inspiring. African leather is a leather accord underlined by woody scents like vetiver and oud, submerged into spices like cardamom, ginger and pepper. The surprise comes from geranium. This mix is not intended to paint an exact portrait of Africa, but rather reflect our sensations about it." $250,

Fall beauty inspiration
2015 Los Angeles Times. Ken HIvely

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Orange County

"I grew up in Orange County and used to drive by the Orange County Great Park in Irvine to get to work," says Joyce Kim, assistant vice president of product development for NYX Cosmetics. "At this park, there's a huge orange sphere that works like a hot air balloon so that you can take a ride and get a great view of Orange County. When we were developing this shade, the orange of the lip cream was so intense, it made me think of this huge orange balloon ride that I would see during my drive." $7,

Fall beauty inspiration
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Priti NYC Polish Fall in Venice Collection

"I have traveled to Venice several times over the years and each time I fall deeper in love with the city—particularly the culture and the history," says Priti NYC founder Kim D'Amato. "The vibrant colors of the architecture, the sunsets, the color of the water which fills the canals, the fashion, the food; all of the colorful elements of Venetian culture was the true inspiration for my fall collection. Every shade that I create is also based off of flowers. I love to tie in the organic (flowers) with the un-organic (architecture, food, cultures, etc.), which ultimately create the most vibrant and fun polish collections." $15 each,

Fall beauty inspiration
(c) Andrea Pistolesi. Andrea Pistolesi

Sonia Kashuk Grand Bazaar Color Palette in Spice Market

There are so many pathways running through [Istanbul's] Grand Bazaar, " says Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty. "The crisscrossing halls combined with exquisite colors of tapestries and fabrics, reminded me of an updated plaid pattern. That, blended with rich colors in spice markets and the food, lent the perfect inspiration for a beautiful fall collection! All of the textures and colors were incredibly enticing. The rich, earthy browns, the warm deep reds, the whole color palette was easily translated into gorgeous cosmetic colors for fall." $20,

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