It's akin to "warm and sensual Havana nights."

Cuba, Street Scene
Credit: Frederic Lagrange

Demeter Fragrance's oddball scents hold it down when you want to smell like everything from Snow to Sushi(?). OK, they have normal perfumes too, like the lovely Lavender and Peony. And now, with the line's latest Destination Collection, perfume lovers can smell like Cuba too (Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand are other options, just in case you want to switch up your scent getaway).

Most of us can't make a trip to the beautiful country like Hov and Bey, but The Cut reports that CEO Mark Crames says the scent was inspired by "warm and sensual Havana nights," so here's your chance to live variously through the cutest couple ever. The Cut says the bottle's aroma encompasses three S's: spicy, savory, and sweet, and they related it to the "unlikely event of a fresh cigar burning inside of a cupcake bakery." Alrighty then. The top-note-heavy scent is composed of Cuba's tobacco leaves, sugarcane, and "Latin spices," according to Crames.

Being from Miami and all, I hoped it would reek of café con leche and pastelitos de guayaba, but I'll take that too.