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Sure, Miranda Kerr may be a genetically blessed supermodel, but that doesn’t mean her beauty secrets should be ignored.

Kerr recently wrote down a few of her time-tested travel beauty tips for Well+Good, where she is a member of the wellness council. Coming from a jet-setting model who is photographed all over the world on a regular basis and is also the founder of an organic, natural skincare line, it’s fair to say these may be worth trying out for yourself.

Take off your makeup before takeoff.

“I think it’s really important to take your makeup off when you’re on the plane,” Kerr wrote in her post. She noted that she always travels with makeup removing wipes and will then spritz on a little facial mist before takeoff. “I like to mist my face with lavender or rose if I want to relax and unwind,” she added.

Take a few deep breaths for beauty.

Kerr noted she always makes time for meditation while traveling to help her de-stress and gear up for whatever her travels bring. “To me, meditation is so important,” she said. “When you’re running around all the time and constantly busy, I find it’s so helpful to take some moments for yourself and just breathe. Then, it makes you more prepared to take on whatever you’re doing.”

Lather up with a few essential oils.

After she’s wiped away the day and meditated, Kerr will then slather on essential oils and a balm to seal it all in. According to Kerr, she swears by her own Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Balm, which is made with certified organic noni extracts, rosehip oil, and coconut oil, as a way to soothe and nourish her skin during those harsh long-haul flights.

Don’t forget about your hair.

In 2013, the one-time Victoria’s Secret model shared with Vogue that she not only loves to nourish her face with essential oils, but her hair as well. “I like to let my hair air-dry. I also like to get head massages, because it really rejuvenates the scalp,” she said. “Sometimes I put coconut oil in my hair, just on the ends overnight. That’s a really good treatment. I once used olive oil, but coconut oil smells much better.”

Beat jet lag from the inside out.

Her tip for beating jet lag? Giving your body everything it needs from the inside out. “Normally when I am traveling long haul it means the minute I touch down I head straight to a job, so I drink plenty of water to keep hydrated,” she told Vogue in a separate interview. “I also have a blend of superfoods that I add to a bottle of water and sip throughout the flight to ensure I’m getting the vitamins and minerals needed.”

Kerr added that she avoids any alcohol in-flight and tries to get plenty of sleep using a “silk eye mask and cashmere wrap.” Of course, her Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist and Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm are never far behind. Check out more of Kerr’s essential travel tips in the video above.